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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Review: The Inheritance Parts 3&4 by Olivia Mayfield

Title: The Inheritance
Series: Part 3 - The Betrayal
Author: Olivia Mayfield
Published: October 29, 2013 - Berkley Intermix
Format: Egalley received for review

Shaken to the core by her latest discovery, Maggie seeks solace in the arms of an eager Andrew, and an evening of consoling turns into a night of reckless passion. Though Maggie’s investigation into Cassandra’s vanishing is meeting with little success, her love life finally seems to be going right. The more she learns about Andrew, the more Maggie begins to believe that she let the wrong guy get away.

But as their relationship turns from a one night stand into a more serious fling, Maggie realizes that Andrew might be hiding secrets of his own—secrets that make her wonder if his seduction hides ulterior motives.

 Title: The Inheritance
Series: Part 4 The Secret
Author: Olivia Mayfield
Published: November 5, 2013 - Berkley Intermix
Format: Egalley received for review

Unsure what side Andrew is on, Maggie decides to avoid him for a few days, continuing her investigation on her own. Unfortunately, talking with the private investigator that her family hired eight years ago doesn’t get her any closer to the truth. Maggie has a feeling that she’s missing something big, something about the party, but the pieces just aren’t falling into place.

To make matters worse, after Maggie catches Bethany and Robert in a compromising position, she’s even more determined to solve the case before the other contestants can. But when Andrew calls, asking to see Maggie one more time so he can come clean, he might be too hard to resist…

This series is really getting interesting – but it’s really hard to review just one installment at a time, so today I bring you parts three and four. It’s really starting to heat up – in all senses of the word.

Someone has died – no, they were surely murdered. Maggie isn’t sure who she can trust. First she tells the responding officer everything. I don’t think that is even a good move, it just didn’t feel right to me. Then she goes to Andrew, her teenage ex that broke her heart, and confides in him. Honestly, I’m not sure what to make of him. Is he on the up and up? I don’t know. I know I want to trust him, that’s for sure. But all in all, I’m just not sure Maggie is making intelligent moves here, which is bad, because I perceive her as an intelligent person. I think she needs to be a bit shrewder. It’s a very tough game of trust, and who to trust.

God, she craved this. Had craved it from the start, if she were honest with herself. She tangled her fingers in his messy, slightly damp hair. The hand on her cheek swept to cradle the back of her head and he gripped her firmly, the other hand sliding down to stroke the curve of her waist. There was something purely invigorating about him. Potent. His kiss lit her on fire, owned her, and she needed more. She pressed her tightening breasts against his firm chest, which made him lower his grip to her hip and tug her into his lap. When she felt his lengthening erection along her thigh, she gasped in surprise. He was rock hard. For her. 

So we finally get a small amount of heat in the story, a bit of sexual release. While it wasn’t overly graphic, it was certainly a very much needed scene. The sexual tension between Maggie and Andrew was getting a bit out of hand; they needed to let that beast out. But again, it brings me back to trust – can she trust him?

In part four there isn’t a lot of action that we saw in the previous installments. There are some interesting things that pop up in the investigation, things about Cassandra that Maggie just wasn’t expecting. I think in part four we see more about Maggie, and her feelings about everything that happened and is happening right now.

I’m still on board with this book; I’ve got two installments left to go. I can’t wait to see what happened to Cassandra, and who will actually win the contest. I have some mini theories going on, but every time I think I know something, something happens that makes me question my own judgment. Olivia Mayfield has definitely a good story going on here, and if you like suspense, I definitely (still) recommend you get on board now!