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Friday, January 24, 2014

Star of The Week - Thrash and Nomi's Paranormal Palace

Welcome to Star Of The Week!
This new feature is two-fold, so I hope you all enjoy it!
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First- Do you have a post of yours you'd like to spotlight? How about a Facebook giveaway? Maybe you were interviewed on another site? No matter what it is, no matter where it is, pimp it out!! Let's give ourselves a pat on the back, we all deserve it!

Second- Let's recognize someone else's hard work! Maybe you saw something amazing on Twitter, like a friend being helpful. Maybe one of your favorite authors made a heartfelt post somewhere (anywhere!) on the internet. Or maybe you saw a review, giveaway, or even a promo you wanted to bring more attention to. So do it!! Anything you want, you can do - just make sure you are doing it for someone else!

So that's it. Star Of The Week is about recognizing our own accomplishments, and passing on the warm fuzzies. Have some fun with it. Think outside the box. It doesn't have to be from a website! You can post something from YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, ANYwhere! I hope you will all join me!

So this week I am super excited to repost about Thrash by JC Emery.  This was a new adult motorcycle badass romance.  It was a really exciting and super sexy read.  The book is second in the Bayonet Scars series, but it's not one of those series where you will be lost if you pick it up late.  Click the book cover to check out my review!

Nomi's Paranormal PalaceAnd for my post about someone else.... I'm picking my good friend, Naomi!  I don't have a particular post of hers to share with you - because they are all awesome.  Naomi manages to keep her blog running in great shape with fun and interesting posts, and if you don't know her - please allow me to introduce you!  Recently her blog underwent some cosmetic changes, and it is just beautiful.  I love it.  Her sister works on that side of it for her, and she does a really great job!  So if you haven't checked out Nomi's Paranormal Palace, click on the banner and go there now!!

So how about it, do you have something you'd like to share this week?  Join the linky, or even just comment with links, pics, or whatever you'd like!

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