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Friday, February 14, 2014

Love Gone Wrong on the V-Day Bites Hop!

Well here we are, my second of two stops on the V-Day Bites Hop!! If you are into ZOMBIES (and you should be) you can get to my first giveaway by clicking on the Rotten Love graphic!

 Thanks to Annie Walls and Contagious Reads for hosting!!  Today we are celebrating.... (drumroll please!)

So... Love Gone Wrong.  It's all those things that are on the dark side - my favorite side!!  I had such a hard time deciding what to give away today - because I would love to give it all to you!!! But I can't.  Bummer.  So here is what I'm doing - winner's choice of The Last Girl by Kitty Thomas OR Wanderlust by Skye Warren.  You can click the covers to see my reviews.  Both books are standalone, so no worries!!

February 10 – Undying Love (Vampires)
February 11 – Changing Love (Shifters)
February 12 – Rotten Love (Zombies)
February 14 – Love Gone Wrong/Dark Love/Erotica

a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Sadly no Valentine's day plans really. Home with the boys. Laid up with my broken ankle hubs is working at least 1 if not both jobs. Hope you have a great day Liz!

  2. Just plans to take my mom out to eat she is 85

  3. Nothing planned or was planed...lols.

    Happy V Day Liz :D

  4. We just stayed in bed cuddling watching Zombie and Werewolf movies and ate junk food. lol

  5. I just love you blog huge thanks Thanks for sharing it with us!

  6. Lots of great book and etc giveaways...I'm blown away!

  7. That is quite an awesome giveaway that I just entered thanks Hoping I get something Have A Happy v day to you


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