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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Masked Innocence by Alessandra Torre, Q&A & Giveaway!

Masked Innocence
Alessandra Torre

The man was sinful. It wasn't just the looks that made him dangerous, it was the cocky confidence that dominated every move, every touch. And the frustrating yet ecstatic fact about the whole package was that he could back it all up…

Julia Campbell never knows what to expect with win-at-all-costs Brad De Luca. And she's starting to like it that way. She gave up safe, conventional relationships when she let the elite divorce attorney seduce her into his world. Now that he's determined to strip her naked of every inhibition, she's in danger of falling too deep and too fast.

But their affair begins to feel even more dangerous when a murder leaves a trail of suspicion that points straight to the mob…and Brad. Trusting a man with a bad reputation and a past full of secrets seems like a mistake. But when she's forced to make a choice, the consequences will take her further than she could ever have imagined.

Happy Tuesday friends!  Today I have Masked Innocence for you, with a small Q&A that was done with the author - and a giveaway!  This book looks completely awesome, I already have it and I can't wait to read it!  From what I hear, it is a standalone, but I will include the info for Blindfolded Innocence for you at the bottom of the post.  Enjoy!

1     Tell us a little bit about your upcoming release, “Masked Innocence” the follow-up to your debut novel, “Blindfolded Innocence.”

Masked Innocence takes Brad and Julia’s courtship and takes it to the next level. Their relationship, and their sex life, dives further and deeper while a murder uncovers hidden secrets.

1.      If you could be with any fictional character for one night, who would it be and why?

Thor. I’d like to see his hammer.

1.      Where do you do most of your writing? Do you have a certain place that inspires you the most?

I have a big comfy chair that I like to settle into. It’s surrounded by windows and has plenty of room for my two dogs. If I need inspiration I set aside the computer and take the dogs for a walk.

1.      What is the difference between erotica and romance books? What about erotic fiction vs. porn?

Erotica contains explicit descriptions of sex, while traditional romance novels contain more ‘fade to black’ love scenes. Erotic fiction versus porn – words versus actuality and actions.

1.      What are some of your favorite adjectives to describe sex scenes?

Thick, intense, slick, fevered, hard

1.      How did you come up the characters Julia Campbell and Brad De Luca? Did you draw inspiration from characters in other books or movies?

Julia and Brad are loosely based on me and my husband and the situation surrounding our meeting/courtship. Once I created their roles, the characters sort of took lives of their own and ran wild.

1.      Are you for or against books being turned into movies?

I am certainly for books being turned into movies. So many individuals don’t read, movies allow them to experience these great stories in a different way.

1.      Who would you cast as your lead roles for “Masked Innocence”?
As far as my series, it is very difficult to cast this couple, but I would go with Minka Kelly and Joe Manganiello. 

"I'm not sure what you have been told about me, but I'm not nearly as bad as they make me out to be." His deliciously deep voice carried a little bit of ego.

I'm sure you are exactly as bad as they make you out to be….

Brad De Luca is used to getting whatever and whomever he wants. The premier divorce attorney in town, he's a playboy who's bedded half the city—including his own clients. And when the newest intern at his firm poses a challenge, his seductive prowess goes into overdrive.

Pre-law student Julia Campbell is fresh off a failed engagement and happy with her new independence. Even if she weren't warned away from Brad at every turn, she'd know he was bad news. The last thing she needs is a man who could destroy her job prospects, not to mention her innocence. But before she knows it, the incorrigible charmer has her under his spell. His deviant tastes plunge her deep into a forbidden world of sexual exploration…but her heart may not survive the fall.

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