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Monday, March 3, 2014

Review: Shadow of Sin by Parker Kincade

Title: Shadow Of Sin
Series: The Martins, #2
Author: Parker Kincade
Published: November 2013
Format: Ebook received for review

A man determined to protect her…

Caleb Martin is no stranger to hazardous situations. He's seen enough bloodshed to last two lifetimes. When an innocent evening takes a dangerous turn, Caleb takes matters into his own hands. If she wants his help, it’s his rules, his way. Period. 

A woman who won’t be controlled…

When it comes to relationships, Samantha keeps things casual, unassuming. Safe. Caleb Martin is far from safe. His ‘my way or the highway’ attitude pushes all the wrong buttons, and she’d sworn no man would have that kind of power over her again.

A hunger that won’t be denied…

Protecting Samantha from the man that stalks her shouldn't test his patience—or his control—but her smart mouth and hot Irish temper stoke the fuel of his desire. She is pure sin—a distraction he doesn’t need, a temptation he can’t resist.

Despite their animosity, Caleb has starred in her fantasies for years. His ruthless sensuality proves to be more potent than she ever imagined. As Caleb masters her body, Samantha must keep a tight grip her heart.

I was very excited to get back into Parker Kincade’s world of The Martins. I read the first book, One Night Stand, in 2012 and it was seriously hot. So naturally the bar was set very high for Shadow Of Sin. And it most definitely succeeded. Here is the story of Caleb and Sam.

Caleb and Sam have a kind of love hate relationship. They love to hate each other. Well, that’s what they try to make everyone – including themselves – believe. This is a definite recipe for sparks and red hot sexy scenes. Parker Kincade played this story out with a lot of adrenalin, love, and buckets full of lust.

Caleb is the oldest of the Martin’s, and he’s taken care of them for years. But nightmares from his time in the military are turning him into an insomniac. He’s a pushy and controlling guy, but he’s also very intelligent and on the ball. Yep, I definitely have a thing for Caleb. I love how he doesn’t take any shit, and how much he cares for his family.

Sam is Amanda’s best friend, from One Night Stand. We got a small taste of her then, and her smartass sexy personality really shone through in Shadow of Sin. You see how much she really has a heart of gold, and even though she might act like nothing phases her, the opposite is actually true. And oh yeah, she has a thing for Caleb.

In this book someone is after Sam. All signs point to Vincent Matteo, a “disgruntled” husband whose wife she helped reach safety before the series begin. Yeah, if disgruntled means abusive, controlling, and very dangerous. And when it appears that he’s set his revengeful eyes on Sam. But she isn’t one to just cower, and I love that.

The action in this book is top notch, along with a few great adrenalin rushes. This book really grabbed my attention and held it the whole way through. And that’s even without the sexy scenes, which by the way, were so damn hot! Parker Kincade has serious skill at giving her readers some sensual goosebumps! 

Tears sprung in her eyes againa nd she blinked them back.
"Don't you dare feel sorry for me, Caleb."
He pulled away so she could see his face.  He shook his head, his expression sincere.  "Wouldn't even think it."  He brushed a hand over her hair.  "I'd slay dragons for you, if you'd let me.  You know that, right?"

On top of that all, the Martins are turning out to be a family whose members you really find yourself caring for. The feel tangible and real, and you get attached to this. Coupled with the action and suspense, and you’ve got a great read ahead of you. I suppose this book could be read as standalone, things are explained pretty well. But if you start with One Night Stand, you will get a much better grasp on the world the author has created. And trust me, both books are seriously sexy and hot – you don’t want to miss either one!

In Her Own Words...

I live in a small town in the South and am surrounded by the best friends a girl could ask for, as well as a family who supports my writing habit without hesitation.

When I’m not sitting at my laptop desperately trying to shush the voices in my head, I usually have my nose stuck in a book or have loud music playing while I create a fun new recipe in the kitchen. No matter what I’m doing, I’m usually flanked by my Boxer, who I absolutely adore.
I’ve been writing since I was a young girl. My beloved stepmother, who always said I was a hopeless romantic, introduced me to romance novels when I was in my early teens.  I remember that first book, which I still read once a year, and I think every man I have ever met has been measured, in some form or fashion, with the hero from that story.

That’s the power of a good romance. It turns us on, makes us laugh, makes us cry…it feeds our soul.
Oh, how the times have changed from those early swashbucklers!  Nowadays, bookstores are full with an abundance of alpha males and the women who can stand toe-to-toe with them and take them down.  And I love every gun-toting sword-wielding sports playing DNA altered vampire shape-shifting demon on the shelf.
I’ll admit I’m a huge book junkie. At my house, deciding what I’m going to read next is a little like shopping at the bookstore! So many to choose from, and I just keep buying them.

Some of my favorite authors, in no particular order, are Lora Leigh, Lorelei James, Larissa Ione, Maya Banks, Gena Showalter, Kresley Cole, and Sherrilyn Kenyon . . . just to name a few!

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