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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Scent of a Mate, Re-Review (Milly Taiden) & GIVEAWAY!

Scent of a Mate
Milly Taiden

Mission: Scent a Mate 

Jordan Alvarez knew that a promise to her best friend involved staking out the local wolf pack's scenting ceremony and recording the graphic details, but she was the writer and the only one with the balls to finish the task. No one would know that four human women had sneaked proof of their rituals, or at least, that was the plan until Aric Wolfe showed up. 

Mission: Stake a Claim 

Aric Wolfe knew his baby sister was up to something, and expected her best friend, Jordan, to be in on the chaos. He finally had an opportunity to lay claim to a mate that had been under his nose for years. Jordan's scent called to both the man and the animal, and he was done fighting the call of the beast. It was time to mark his mate. 

Mission: Survive an Alpha 

When a good intention creates a problem for the Wolfe family, Jordan finds herself being stalked by a woman intent on claiming Aric as her own. Battle lines will be drawn, love will be put to the test, and Aric will have to fight Jordan's strong personality to keep her alive. Two alpha hearts seeking control will either find the balance or risk losing their love forever.

It's Friday again, that means I'm taking it easy!! last Friday I brought you Their Second Chance by Milly Taiden, and this week it's Scent of a Mate.  I love Milly (hello, captain obvious here)  and I read this book around last Halloween time.  I can tell you it ROCKS.   So check out my review (reposted here) and enter to win in Milly's Summer Bash Giveaway!

I’d read Milly Taiden before as April Angel and I absolutely loved her books. So when the opportunity came along to read her as Milly, I was beyond ecstatic. And what I saw was that Milly is a terrific author, no matter what name she uses. Scent of a Mate was action packed with enough heat and drama to fuel any shifter lover’s dream. 

This is the story of Jordan and Aric. Jordan is a human, and a curvy Latina at that. I really enjoyed her character. She was energetic and intelligent. Not only that, but she was daring and not quite aware of how fantastic she really was. Poor girl took more than her fair share of beatings in this book, it was a rough time for her, no doubt. I’m hoping (and I’m sure!) her future will be much easier than her time in Scent of a Mate. 

His nostrils flared. With deliberate care, he placed her on the ground, but he didn’t let go. Instead he cupped her face and kissed her. The combination of passion, fear, and adrenaline sent her arousal skyrocketing. She curled her hands around his neck, digging her nails into the back of his skull. Instant heat exploded in her core. Her pussy went slick with need.

He delved his tongue into her mouth. Hot damn the man was a fantastic kisser. He was agressiv3e. He took. He owned. He branded. And she loved it.

Meanwhile Aric is the oldest son in the Wolfe family, and his father is current Alpha. Yep, that means Aric is full of big bad himself. God, I love me some Alpha men. I can’t tell you how much it thrills me to read about these guys, and Aric definitely does not disappoint. He was beyond caring, a bit mischievous, incredibly sexy and well, he was just all man. Ok, well, he is all wolf. Man. Wolf man. You know what I mean! His possessiveness is what shifter fans like me lust for in a book. He’s all about “Mine” and every time he said the word I got chills all over my body. Aric is definitely one of my favorite Alpha men I’ve read. His devotion was really the highpoint for me. I’m thinking about wandering the woods in search of my own wolf. Like I said, Alpha all the way. 

“You still don’t understand.” His gray eyes flared with wolf power. “You own my heart. You’re the most important person in my life.” Tenderness filled his gaze, followed by unquestionable determination. “And I won’t let anyone hurt you. That includes you. I will do anything to protect you. Even if means stopping you from putting yourself in harm’s way.”

Jordan has some great friends too. In fact, one of them is Aric’s sister, Ellie. She is the quintessential best friend. I want her to be my friend. She has so much love in her for her family and friends, yet she is this fierce wolf in her own right. And it would seem that mischievousness runs in the Wolfe family (yep, right down from the matriarch down to the youngest wolf!) And if I am going to mention Jordan’s friends, I have to note Aric’s brothers. Talk about mischievous! These guys take the player mentality to a new level, but I think the times are changing for these fellows and I absolutely can’t wait to see their books. 

Now the story! Whew! So much fun! It starts out with Ellie agreeing to let Jordan document a traditional mating/scenting ritual for the wolves. Jordan is to remain hidden…but as it turns out, that’s not as easy as it seems. From that point on it is action, friendship, sexy hot times, more action, a bit of mystery and intrigue, more sweating to the hotties, and more action. This book was nonstop and I was excited in one way or another through the whole story. 

Milly’s writing carries a bit of a smart ass tone to it, which I absolutely love. Getting to know these characters felt like I was already talking to my friends. There was easy camaraderie and it just felt familiar and fun. The plot was exciting with multiple plot points happening – some of which aren’t completely resolved in this book. That means I am going to have to befriend Milly and beg her with puppy dog eyes to be on the list for the rest of this series, because I absolutely HAVE to know what happens next. Trust me, after you read this book, you will have to know too. 

Hi! I'm Milly (AKA April Angel) I love to write sexy stories. They're usually either paranormal or contemporary with a large dose of heat. My paranormal stories can be anything from wolf-shifters (my favorites) to witches, demons and anything in between. My contemporaries are usually anything from soldiers to corporate romances.
I was born the prettiest part of the Caribbean known as the Dominican Republic. Currently, I live in New York City with my hubby, the bossy kiddo and our little dog "Needy Speedy". Don't ask.
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