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Friday, August 15, 2014

Primal Instinct, The Pendragon Gargoyles 0.5 by Sydney Somers (A review!)

Title: Primal Instinct
Series: Pendragon Gargoyles 0.5
Author: Sydney Somers
Published: August 5, 2014
Format: Ebook received for review
Cover Art: Crystal @ Rockin' Redhead Promotions

A Pendragon Gargoyles Prequel

For months Corrine Lawson has walked a fine line between reality and madness. The only thing keeping her sane is her sexy and mysterious next-door-neighbor, Ryker. Yet the closer she gets to uncovering the truth about him, the harder it becomes to resist the man who exposes her to a dangerous world steeped in myth and legend. Surrendering to him and the sizzling connection that burns between them means succumbing to the madness within, and that’s not a fight she’s willing to lose.

Both man and wolf, Gargoyle Ryker McKinnon has spent nearly a century tormented by his past, hungering only for vengeance—until he finds Corrine, a spirited human and the key to his redemption. Determined to use Cori as a pawn in a deadly game of revenge, nothing prepares Ryker for the staggering emotion her touch unleashes or the brutal need to claim her as his own.

When Cori is caught in the middle of a bitter feud and a centuries-old greed for Excalibur, will Ryker’s secrets destroy the woman he loves or finally awaken the fierceness inside her?

So this week I read Primal Instinct by Sydney Somers. My friend, Crystal, at Redheads Review It Better raves about her, so I definitely had to see what’s up. I was pleasantly surprised and very impressed!

In the most basic terms, this book is about Corrine. Holy cow, I loved her! She’s a bit down on her luck and she has these nightly talks with a guy who lives next door to her – and she’s never seen him. They talk over the privacy fence! Anyhow, like I said, she’s down on her luck – and who can’t relate to that at one time or another, right? She’s also having these crazy mood swings, and is medicated very highly. Life, for Corrine, is definitely fit tightly into one uncomfortable box. Kind of like a Pandora’s box, and it’s about to get opened.

The neighbor is Ryker. Cool name, right? Ryker is a stubborn man, which we kind of learn later. But over the fence he is just as sweet and understanding, and consoling as can be. Like if you were to imagine the perfect man to sit and talk to and just get to know, it would be Ryker. I really loved how they built this connection together, before things got heated up. And of course, Ryker has secrets… being a wolf shifter probably being the biggest – but definitely not the only one!

The warmth from the steamy bathroom reached him in a heartbeat before Cori's next panted breath.  In the half fogged mirror he spotted her reflection, her naked body visible through the glass that wasn't nearly frosted enough.

She stood with her back to him, her long, raven hair clinging to her skin, that wild streak of burgundy curling across one shoulder.  Water sluiced down her spine and over trim hips and an ass that he'd caught himself staring at whenever he risked joining the late-night bar crowd to keep and eye on her. 

Half-convinced he'd imagined the slow, throaty sound, he barely caught the movement of her hand between her legs.

Sweet Avalon.

Without giving away any monumental details, these two find themselves on a trip together. It’s action packed and full of sexual tension. Seriously – you could cut it with a knife. If you want some great kisses, you definitely need to read Primal Instinct. There are secrets and alliances, and lies,  murder in the worst of ways.

The world that Sydney Somers created is just fantastic. I wasn’t sure how I was going to get on with some aspects that dealt with a bit of historical myths, but it really turned out to be a fascinating twist in the story. On top of that, this book isn’t just wolves, it’s panthers, dragons, fae, gargoyles, sorcerers, and who knows what else – there’s a bit of everything. Everything was colorful and vibrant, and I really just felt like I was there in the midst of it all. This book is a great example of meshing things together very well.  I felt engaged through the entire story and not once did I feel bored or "ho-hum" about anything.

So to put it bluntly, I’m totally into this series now and I can’t wait to move on to the next book. If fantasy and shifters are your thing, I definitely recommend giving the Pendragon Gargoyles a shot. The twists and turns will keep you coming back for more, I'm sure of it!

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