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Friday, September 26, 2014

Contagious Chaos by Emily Goodwin (Review)

Title: Contagious Chaos
Series: The Contagium #3
Author: Emily Goodwin
Published: September 2014
Format: Ebook received for review

When the compound starts to fill and food supplies dwindle, Fuller’s soldiers and Marines have no choice but to venture out into the lawless wastelands of America where they discover a new kind of enemy. What foe could be more frightening than zombies? A fortress for the criminally insane--unhinged survivors who will stop at nothing to take Orissa and her friends down for good, In order serve and protect their compound, will the gang have to abandon their own moral code and engage in a war against the uninfected?

 If you've been by my site this week you saw earlier I did a blitz for this book.  Well, here is my review.  Really, I could sum it up in three letters and several puncuation marks.


LOL.  Does that work for you?  No, you want to know why?  Ok, let's break it down.  Nevermind the fact that I've been waiting forever for this book, my anticipation put it on a pedestal with the potential of falling and breaking.  But no way, Emily Goodwin carried this book out like a... well, like a ass kicking zombie killer!  Goodwin wastes no time throwing us right into the action.

I planned to punch whoever came in to look at me hard in the throat so he couldn't call for help and slam his head into the cement walls at least twice before making a break for it.

Contagious Chaos picks up right at the end of Deathly Contagious, with Rider and Orissa in BIG trouble getting snagged by the enemy.  True to Orissa style, this chick fights with every fiber in her being.  I freaking LOVE her.  She is ruthless when it comes down to it.  You.Do.Not.Mess.With.Orissa.  Period.  She is fierce.  No, not fierce.  Fucking fierce.  But you know, there is a lot more to her than fighting.  Riss has heart.  Lots of it.  The majority of that belongs to Hayden, but there is room in there for everyone else.  What I like about her, is that even though she has her preference about how everything goes, she is able to approach things unbiased when she needs to.  She looks at things logically.  Yes, her heart drives her, but her brain is the one that ultimately makes the decisions.  She's lethal.  She's smart.

The stakes are higher all throughout this book.  We're looking at a war with zombies, humans, and a dwindling stock of supplies.  There is a lot of two steps forward, one step back.  I love that while this book continues on the arc I want it to, not everything is coming up daises.  People are lost... turned into zombies and re-killed.  But there are also some really wonderful things that happen.  Things you would never expect, but they bring out an ear-to-ear smile when they happen.

Ladies, let's talk about Hayden.  That sexy mofo Marine!  Sigh.  He is dreamy.  Tough, strong, a leader... the man is like Orissa, his
heart leads him in the right direction, but his head is making the decisions.  And both his heart and his head want to keep Orissa safe.  Trouble follows her like she's got it on a leash!!  He might have the weight of the world on his shoulders, but you can definitely tell that Orissa is his sun.  I can not tell you how much I love the devotion, attention, and love between these two.  But Hayden specifically is like the dream guy you want with you in the zompoc.

I've read a bazillion zombie horror books.  This series ranks right up there with my favorites.  The action and grossness stay high throughout the whole series.  Relationships evolve at an appropriate pace.  Zombies become more varied as time progresses; some are "gummy" and decomposing at a fast rate, while others are new, fresh, and crazy.  The heroes are more than just the main characters.  In this book there is a group of them at the compound.  They are called A1's.  Speaking of which, that's something else I love about this book. The compound and internal rules this community has built really is something awesome. But the A1s are really great, it would be awesome to see a spin off book with Ivan, cause there's a lot more than meets the eye with that fella.

So yeah.  If you like zombies, you should definitely read this!! Five stars, for sure!

Also - stay tuned this Sunday.  "Nobody Asked Me" is coming back on Sundays, with a twist.  Features will be added and subtracted as I see fit - but I will be including a new addition with every Sunday post of "Nobody Asked Me":  Apocalypse Item Of The Week!   See what I pick for the inaugural post (I still haven't decided LOL, but I have a few in mind!).  

Emily Goodwin is the international best-selling author of the stand-alone novel STAY, The Guardian Legacies Series: UNBOUND, REAPER, MOONLIGHT (releasing 2014), The Beyond the Sea Series: BEYOND THE SEA, RED SKIES AT NIGHT (releasing 2015) and The Contagium Series: CONTAGIOUS, DEATHLY CONTAGIOUS, CONTAGIOUS CHAOS, THE TRUTH IS CONTAGIOUS (Permuted Press). 

    Emily lives with her husband, daughter and German Shepherd named Vader. She has degrees in psychology and nursing. Along with writing, Emily enjoys riding her horse, designing and making costumes and Cosplay.

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