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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Nobody Asked Me - Sunday (1)

So I have been kicking around a few ideas lately of things I could do for the blog.  Review more?  Interview more?  More memes?  I don't know the answer.  So in the meantime I am bringing back Nobody Asked Me as a sort of Sunday post.  I'm not going to link to all my reviews and purchases.  Heck, I one click so many times, I would never want to keep track.  As for my posts, there's a archive list right over there >>>>
So I thought I'd have some fun!  Some weeks maybe I'll just post a picture.  Maybe an editorial.  Maybe some YouTube videos.  Who knows!!  I don't have a topic of anything to talk about this weekend, so I will leave you with a hot pic, and something I do want to include:  Apocalypse Item Of The Week. 
First, I have no idea who this guy is.  But I kind of heart him.  If he had some tattoos, I'd be all over that.  What do you think, is he your type?

And my other thing, Apocalypse Item Of The Week.  I've been reading a lot of post apocalyptic books lately, and it's got me to thinking.... what do I need?  I've got a huge list!!  Some are realistic, some are just fantasy.  Some are funny.  Today it's fashionable! 

Apocalypse Item Of The Week!

It's a Paracord Bracelet!  Now, these little babies are only usable once, they say.  Cause who can rebraid that shit?   Ha!  Not me!  But anyway - there are so many things you need a rope for... tying someone up (or down!)  Climbing, of course.  Heck, 
even using it to tie your food up in a tree to keep it away from bears!  Anyways, I love these bracelets.  I think they are so cute. They look like not much, but then BAM!!! Big ol' rope!

These ones are all from Survival Straps - and I have no affiliation there, but hey, I may as well give them a shout out cause they carry cool stuff! Plus if you use your cord to get out of a jam, they will send you a new one for free! That's pretty darn cool!

So that's it for this Sunday.  Mainly cause it's like 1am and I'm tired.  But I have a big list of things to talk about and post in the upcoming weeks, so I hope to see you back!