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Monday, September 8, 2014

Predator & Prey, James D Horton (Review)

Title: Predator & Prey
Series: Predator & Prey #1
Author: James D Horton
Published: July 2014 KDP
Format: Ebook received for review
Book Length: 31 pages, Kindle Edition

Lily works the night shift at a radio station, taking calls from forlorn and damaged souls who can't sleep. She knows their pain and they find solace in her comforting words. The city is ruthless; nameless creatures roam the streets and prey on the lost and innocent.

As she leaves work one night at the crest of dawn, Lily comes face-to-face with depravity. She is a survivor at heart, but she is unfairly outnumbered and surrenders to her fate. From the shadows an ally emerges, the mysterious and alluring, Wolf. After coming to Lily's aid, he takes her to shelter.

The immediate danger has passed, but the incident is far from over. Wolf tells Lily she is not prey, and sets off into the night with her by his side to set a wrong right. What she sees when entering the dark heart of the city will change her existence forever. Has Wolf taken on a force too big? Will Lily survive the night?

This story starts off on a really eerie tone, reminiscent of some of the horror movies I used to love back in the day.  Lily is a DJ for late night talk radio.  She's at the station, fielding all sorts of calls every night.  You can imagine what kind of calls that could bring in, right?  I could easily picture it going downhill fast, working there.

Now, with a book that's only 31 pages long, it is incredibly hard to write much without giving it away.  You have Lily, a human, and she is in trouble one night.  As for her character, I have to say, she was just kind of bland to me.  I think her job was pretty darn cool, and I think she had the potential to really knock it out of the park, if only she had more pages. But with what I read, she seemed like she was a strong personality, but a bit wishy-washy.

As for the hero, Wolf.   Wolf is a man of few words.  Very few.  You don't really get to know him much either.  You learn what he is, where he lives, and what he is willing to do for Lily - and that's all great.  But I wanted to know more about him.  A lot of "what's" and not enough "why's" for my personal tastes.

Ultimately, I think this story was pretty good.  It was just too short.  Perhaps as more of the series comes out, there will be some answers.  I think it's a really good base.  I thought the city was pretty interesting, and I would love to know the reason of why it's so dangerous and on lockdown, pretty much.  There are some very interesting elements to the story; paranormal, human danger, maybe even mates.  It's hard to really make a definitive conclusion yet. If you are looking for a quick read in the paranormal realm of things, then Predator & Prey might be a good bet for you.