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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Nobody Asked Me - #3 Tiny Houses and Underground Bunkers, Baby

Well, Sunday arrived again.  Thankfully!  Tomorrow starts a new work and/or school week for a lot of us, but today is for relaxing.  I'll be at home for the majority of the day, I have some cleaning planned... Although that plan doesn't always go on schedule LOL.  But that got me to thinking about a movie I watched on Netflix not too long ago about Tiny Homes.  It's called Tiny: A Story About Living Small. And while this wasn't my first introduction to tiny houses, I did watch the entire thing, just amazed at the process. 

My house is roughly 1500 sq feet, plus a basement and a large garage.  I've lived in a 900 square foot mobile home, a 750 square foot apartment, a 600 square foot apartment, a 800 square foot duplex, and a 350 square foot apartment.  That's not including the houses I've lived in as a child.  Anyhow, on thing has always been a common factor:  Not Enough Room!!  I can't imagine squeezing all of my stuff into less than 200 square feet!  Heck, when I had the 350 sq ft apartment, I didn't even have room for a couch - I used a van seat!!  It wasn't real comfortable, but it had built in ashtrays, so that was kind of neat. 

So Tiny Houses are all about paring down.  Surviving on the things you need, not what you want.  Lowering your carbon footprint.  And some of them are quite amazing.  A lot of them are on wheels, because they are too small to meet inspection standards, and if they are "mobile" they don't need to.  But some are regular houses.  I don't know.  They kind of make me want to do it.  

Could you do it? Would you do it?  What do you think?

Click on the picture to visit the website of this awesome house.  I swear, this thing rocks.  I love how it's set up, and it's definitely a mansion among tiny houses.

 Also click the link to visit this house's website.  They've got tons of other houses for you to look at, and some are just freaking amazing.  This one, it kind of reminds me of a fantasy place, inspired by a castle.  And out there in the woods like that, I don't know, I think it would be pretty damn cool. 

 This one doesn't exactly inspire me to move out and get one.  Again, click the picture to visit the site.  But I do think this one is more of a realistic representation of what most people get when they move into a tiny house.  Sure, the finishes might change, the design might change a little - but this TINY size? That's what it's all about. 

And definitely  - let's look inside!!!  Click each picture to view that house's website! 

Ok, next!!!

Holidays To Celebrate This Week!!!

Tuesday - October 14, 2014
Be Bald And Free Day!
Because bald people aren't bad people!

Thursday - October 16, 2014
Conflict Resolution Day!
Solve those interpersonal problems people!! 

Friday - October 17, 2014
Spreadsheet Day!!
Oh yeah baby, celebrate those spreadsheets!

Whew.  That was close.  Now here is MY favorite part of Sunday!!!

You know, picking an Apocalypse Item Of The Week isn't easy.  Do you go for fun, useful, or fantasy?  Will the haters come out and tell you that it's dumb, and you will die in the apocalypse?  Well guess what - I already know I will die!!  LOL.  Ok, So maybe I hope I won't. 

Today's AIOTW (see what I did there?) relates to the Tiny Homes I showed you above.  We are talking underground shelters, people.  And Vivos (who I've mentioned before...)  has that shit on lockdown.  We are talking luxury.  We are talking security (even with provided security guards!!  Might not be a bad job to apply for...).  We are talking surviving and living!!

Click graphic to visit their rockin site!

Ok, that floor plan is the Indiana Shelter.  As you can see, it can accomodate 80.  80!!! Frankly, I don't know if I know 80 people I want to survive with, but I definitely could live in that place!  

Ok, that picture right there is a blueprint for the Quantum.  It might not look like much.  It's a personal, private shelter.  However, it's time to think OUTSIDE the box!!  Check out what you can do with multiple Quantum shelters!!

Here is the link to view the Quantum.  It's only limited by your imagination.... and well, you're money.  Cause trust me - this shit ain't free!!

I first saw Vivos on tv, in one of those prepper shows.  And they showed an underground bunker capable of housing like 100 or more people.  And the finishes were luxury.  It was way better than my house.  

So I dunno.  Take your chances in a mobile Tiny House, that could get overrun by a herd.  Or go underground and live it up in style. 

So what do you think of this week's post???