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Monday, October 6, 2014

Sex Unlimited by Kathryn Perez (Review)

Title: Sex Unlimted
Series: Unlimited #1
Author: Kathryn Perez
Published: June 2014
Format: ebook received for review, 62 pages
(Books 2&3 covers and blurbs below)

One email set my life on an unexpected path.

Dear Candace,
I’m sure you're getting flooded with messages, but I wanted to attempt to stand out among the rest and just get right to the point. I won’t attempt to woo you in a message. I won’t try to impress you with boastful words. If you're here for mind-blowing sex, and a lot of it, then I would venture to say that trying to impress you with well worded niceties is of no value. Instead, I will tell you what I’m looking for and if you are looking for something similar then I look forward to your reply. I like to fuck hard. I like to fuck slowly. I also enjoy making love. I like to be pleasured. I love to give pleasure. I like to laugh. I like to make others laugh. I love the female body and testing its limits. I want a lover who will explore new things without shame or embarrassment. I want to make a woman come so hard and in so many ways that her body designs its own special language just for mine.
I look forward to possibly learning what you like, too.
Regards,Brisban C. 

My reply will change everything I thought I knew about SEX.

I'm going to review all 3 editions at once, only because it's the easiest way to do a serial type novel.  I read them all at once, and so the break points, in my brain, don't really exist. But it doesn't matter - because I freaking loved this book!

Candace is in her mid 30s, single again after a divorce from a man (James) who was once wonderful, but turned out to be much more frog than prince.  She's an editor, and it allows her to work from home.  And well, after the divorce, she just hasn't really found anyone to light her fire.  Consider it a dry spell of sorts.  That's until she decides to sign up on the website  She's after some foreplay, not a happily ever after, ya know?

I really enjoyed Candace.  I mean, as someone who has done the online dating thing multiple times, I can understand all of the feelings that go along with it - especially when you are new to it.  For the most part, I liked her through the whole book.  There is a situation that comes up, and she kind of takes a passive role.  I got kind of mad at her for this, because the whole time before she was so strong and empowering, and that's what I liked.  When she was faced with a difficult situation, she turned tail, and well, like I said.  It made me a bit upset.

"Let me tell you something about sex.  Are you listening?"
"Uh huh," I reply, prepared to hang on his every word.
"Good.  Really hear me on this.   Sex is more than the physical act itself.  When we have dinner tomorrow night, I'll be fucking your mind the entire time."

And now, Brisban.  Holy heck, this man.  He starts off by sending her this amazing letter.  He's to the point, and very blunt, yet funny and charming at the same time.  Brisban is also attractive, and that never hurts.  In fact, as it turns out, 41 years old is super sexy (hello, duh!).  I loved that he was "older", even though I don't really think 41 is old, in today's world of romance, it does seem to be.  This man had the moves, from beginning to end.

"That's right, beautiful.  Let me hear you come.  You're so wet and you feel fucking good.  I own this pussy when we are together.  Do you hear me, Candace?"  I nod and he thrusts in and out never slowing down.  "Even when we are apart, I want you to remember how I own you when we're together."

Sex Unlimited takes you through the rollercoaster of excitement that goes with meeting someone new, and deciding they are going to be the one to satisfy your lady bits.  When Brisban and Candace get together, it is nothing short of amazing and fireworks.  I found myself jealous of them!! Things were definitely very hot, but then you start to see a small shift in the motivations, and then things get really messy.  I've said it a million times, friends with benefits does not work.  And Brisban and Candace will definitely learn this.  In fact, they learn it in the craziest of ways!  Let me tell you, the climax of this story is definitely something to see!

The last book, number 3, tends to deal more with emotions, and not just those between Candace and Brisban.  The story becomes quite heartbreaking and downright tragic at some points.  You don't know if this is a happily ever after romance while everything is going down. I loved that, the not knowing part.

All in all, the story was fantastic. The characters were sexy and wonderful.  The sex was very hot and intense.  You can't go wrong with this book!

 Title: Sex Unlimited
Series: Unlimited Volume #2
Author: Kathryn Perez
Published: July 2014
Format: Ebook received for review, 57 pages

I had no idea one simple decision would bring on so many complications.

All I wanted from him was a no strings attached sexual arrangement.

Little did I know I would get more than I bargained for.

The Unlimited Series continues as Candace and Brisban discover there's more to their relationship than just SEX.

 Title: Sex Unlimited
Series: Unlimited Volume #3
Author: Kathryn Perez
Published: September 2014
Format: Ebook received for review, 79 pages

Brisban and Candace's story concludes in this steamy and heartwarming finale of The Unlimited Series.

Does fate have other plans for them or will they get their happily ever after?

Kathryn lives in her small East Texas hometown with her family. She 's a music infused writer and self-proclaimed book junkie. When she isn't listening to music, writing or reading you'll probably find her watching her favorite sport, UFC.

Kathryn is also an anti-bullying advocate and avid supporter of mental-illness and suicide awareness.

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