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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Spring Break Renegade by Elise Covert (Review)

Title: Spring Break Renegade
Series:  Standalone
Author: Elise Covert
Published: August 2014, Seascribe Publishing
Format: Ebook received for review
Length: 71 pages
When college student Meredith Walsh finds herself stranded on the side of the country road, she certainly doesn't welcome the approach of a tattooed man on a Harley. But Ren Stimson's blue eyes and dangerous smile capture her attention. His offer of spending a week with him in return for a ride back to Berkeley, with his lifted eyebrow making clear the implications of the offer, tempts her.

Her common-sense self demands that she refuse such a foolhardy plan. But then, there is a part of her that craves the chance at one last wild spring break.

The week will bring Meredith adventure, lust and danger. And more. 

Spring Break Renegade will bring you along on Meredith's erotic journey filled with outlaw bikers, bar fights, vengeful women, and lots of sex!

This is how a novella length novel should be done.  I've never heard of this author before, but based on these 70 pages, I am definitely going to be watching her.  Spring Break Renegade took me by surprise, and I fell in love with the characters in a big way.  BIG.

The book starts on a sort of funny way, Twinkies flying in the air and hitting their intended target with pure anger and complete justification.  Meredith just found out in a blatant way that her boyfriend has been cheating.  But instantly I like Mer because she takes matters into her own hands.  Lucky for us, she was so mad she forgot to check the gas gauge. Like the blurb says, she's stranded on the side of the road. 

Then it gets hot, and it gets hot fast.  Ren and a couple other bikers pull up.  He makes her an offer with several choices, sort of like a sexy genie on a bike.  Then begins a five day adventure for the two of them. 

"Tonight, Meredith, I'm going to make love to you."

He made love to me so beautifully, I cried.  He shushed me, kissing my lips and licking my tears.  I wrapped around him like a vine, my legs crossed on his ass, my arms around his shoulders, my fingers in his hair.  He moved so slowly, caressing me inside as gently as he caressed me outside. 

Now it's not like all kinds of crazy things happen.  Small things happen, or anyways, they seem small.  But in reality, they are big.  Elise Covert manages to pack emotion along with lust into this book.  Seventy pages for me, and five days for Ren and Meredith, and I know we are all hooked.  The sex was hot.  The characters were vibrant.  They were also sexy, smart, and funny.  Throw in some added danger and a big dose of taboo, and Spring Break Renegade is a big hit. 

We spent another hour in that field, at least.  He tasted my mouth.  Thoroughly.  And then he tasted almost every other inch of me.  He had me thrashing on the blanket at one point, his fingers inside of me and his mouth and tongue working their magic alongside.  I looked down at his dark head between my legs just as his eyes rose to look at me.  I could scarcely breathe.  I was so close.  He scraped his teeth over me and I lost it.  We were in the middle of nowhere and I did nothing to stifle my cries.  I'm sure I scared every gopher within a mile deep into its hole. 

I wasn't expecting to love this story, but I did.  I can only hope that somewhere in this universe, Ren and Meredith are actually together.  Do I sound cheesy?  Maybe.  But do I think you should take a chance on this book?  Yes!

And yep, it even made me cry. 

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