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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Her Secret Pleasure by Ella Goode (Review)

Title: Her Secret Pleasure
Series: The Death Lords Club #2, The Motorcycle Clubs
Author: Ella Goode
Published: October 8, 2014
Format: Ebook received for review
Pages: 90-100 pages, depending on format


I love two things--books and bad boys. I'm trying to kick the bad boy habit and hold on to the loving books one. When I take the new librarian position in Fortune, I immediately say yes when the Chief of Police asks me out and deliberately turn my back on the bad motorcycle riding boys that litter the Fortune landscape. After all, my bad boy yen was kick started by the frequent absences of my nomad father. But no one turns down a man like Judge, the president of the Death Lords MC, not even a girl trying to be good.


When Pippa Lang breezes into town in her little red convertible, the wind blowing out her big red hair, there is no way the dirty Chief of Police is going to keep her. That red hair belongs on my pillow and her hot body between my sheets. And no one, not the Chief, not the town, and not even Pippa, is going to stop that from happening.
This is my first book from author Ella Goode - and I loved it.  This is also one of the books in The Motorcycle Clubs novella series, which is several novellas each from three different authors.  I seriously don't know how I missed it before, because it only makes sense, but these novellas are all connected.  Yep, sure, they are all mc romances, but there's another common denominator - a dangerous one! Now, this book is actually number TWO in the Death Lords series, it would seem I jumped out of order on accident.  Ooops! But now I see book one is about Wrecker, who is Judge's son, so I am definitely going back to read that!

So Her Secret Pleasure was seriously hot.  OMG, Pippa and Judge completely incinerated the pages.  Yes, there was a bit of the insta-love feeling going on with them, but it worked.  But really, that kind of thing doesn't bother me at all.  Let's face it, sometimes you just know, right?

"My cunt.  My pussy.  It's yours.  Yours to eat.  Yours to touch.  Yours to fuck."
I shudder at the claiming with those words, she has made me her slave. 

Pippa was a rather likeable character for me.  She's in her late twenties, and she just got a job in a town called Fortune as the library director.  She's a reader, just like us!  So I instantly was able to connect with her on that level.  But not only that, I found her to be smart, friendly, and personable. So she is someone I would like to know, but someone I'd like to be, even more!

"I'd like to apply for a library card."
Her mouth drops open and forms a perfect rosy circle, one that would fit nicely around my cock.  She laughs and steps to the desk.  "Okay.  That's smooth.  Ask the librarian for a library card.  Best pickup line I've heard yet."
"How do you know it's a pickup line?"
"It isn't?" She arches an eyebrow.
"No, it most definitely is but since I foresee coming to the library frequently in the future, I'll take the card too."
She purses her cherry stained lips to contain a smile and bends her head to read the information on my license as she fills out the card application.  "I'm afraid to ask you why you'll be coming to the library frequently."
"Because I'll want to fuck you here, " I answer matter of factly. 

And that reason is about a biker in his 40s named Judge.  Judge is the President of the Death Lords, and he is all kinds of awesome.  Oh yes, he's the required badass - he's intelligent, savvy, and caring to those he loves, but he is also sexy as sin on wheels! This man has got it going on, ladies!!  OMG, yes - he is wonderful.  But even aside from what I would deem award winning bedroom antics, he is just a good guy.  That's not to say he doesn't do bad stuff, but his core is good, and that's what comes shining through.  Big ol' dreamy sighs from this girl!

There's a lot going on in this short book.  Pippa is trying to outrun her past and start fresh, and it seems that isn't always easy.  But she is quickly finding she has people she can call her friends in Fortune.  The law isn't always as good as the law can be - and in fact, in the case of Fortune, they've really drawn the short end of the stick.  And the connecting factor in The Motorcycle Clubs?  Turns out it's the Eighty Eight, a neo-nazi skinhead bike club.  Definitely not good guys at all.

I can't wait to continue on with this series.  So far they are really fun, sexy, and quick reads.  My next book will be from Ruby Dixon, and I'm pretty excited about that.  If you haven't decided to get into this novella series, maybe it's about time you do!