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Friday, November 21, 2014

Min by Lola Rayne (Review)

Title: Min
Series: Standalone
Author: Lola Rayne
Published: 2014, Wicked Fierce
Format: Ebook provided for review

Min Thompson has a problem.

Her best friend of basically forever, Taylor Lane thinks her boyfriend of umpteen years is dumping her. Only thing is, Min knows he’s not. So while Taylor wants to go out and do something stupid in retaliation, Min has to try and prevent her from doing something she’ll regret, all while trying to appear supportive.

A lifetime of being known as “the quiet one” never prepared her for this.

Faux Valentine has a solution.

Sheer luck lands Faux right in Taylor’s chosen venue for revenge. While he has no interest in the pissed off princess herself, he’s always had a thing for her best friend. The one who desperately needs his help. Now that he’s got his little mouse where he wants her, what is he willing to do to keep her there?

Nothing could have prepared him for her.

Warning: This book contains foul language, allusions to underage drinking, circumventing the legal drinking age, and sexual situations.

This week I read this awesome novella by Lola Rayne - and it was awesome!!  I wasn't sure what to expect, but I'd read Lola Rayne before and loved her work, so I was excited.  This book is completely different from the other book I read from her, but it was so perfect.

Fate was a fucking shady bitch.

So Min is this nineteen year old student.  She lived with her twin brother, Graham, and her best friend, Taylor.  Oh, and Taylor and Graham have been a couple forever, to add to any awkwardness that might happen there.  But Min herself, she's a handful.  Shy doesn't even begin to describe her.  Merely bumping into her crush sends her from the coffee shop in tears.  She beats herself up over social situations, and will literally lock herself in her room for days at a time.  She's earned the nickname of Mouse (as in Minnie) because she is just so quiet.  But lucky us, as the reader, we get a peek into her head - and in her head she's boisterous and funny and snarky, and just really someone awesome. And Min has this crush on a guy whose name is Faux.  Faux Valentine.  Hahaha, yep, what a name. 

Faux is dark and tattooed and pierced.  He plays guitar and he looks the part of the bad boy.  He is gorgeous.  But even more than that, we discover he has a big thing for Min.  And even when he comes out and says it, she is so disbelieving.  It's truly endearing while still being a bit frustrating. 

Well, like the blurb says.  There's been some infidelity on the part of Graham.  And as best friend to Taylor, it's Min's job to go out with her and live it up.  This book takes place over a night, and the surprises are around every corner!  I won't spoil those for you, but let me tell you, they left a ton of exclamation marks in my brain.  The night is spent for the most part at a strip club, and drinks will be had.  Lots of drinks.  And I just want to mention, these young adults go to Canada for drinking, and I totally identified with this!!  I'm not from New England at all, but here in Detroit, we are right across the river from Canada, and everyone knows that drinking starts legally at 19 there, rather than the 21 here.  So you can bet your ass that every weekend the border is full of people looking to cross over and have some fun. 

Faux and Min begin earlier as this pair of people who annoy each other, as it would seem.  Kind of a love/hate thing.  Only Min isn't exactly seeing the situation for what it is, so when the smoke clears and she sees exactly what Faux is saying to her, it's sublime.  And let's talk heat - this book doesn't give overly graphic, but OMG.  You can definitely get lost in the moment when these two start touching and kissing.  They kiss and you know they are meant for each other, and that is exactly what I look for in a couple.  I want to see the chemistry, and Lola Rayne definitely delivers in spades. 

So if you want a quick read infused with sex, drama, intense situations, and general good times, you definitely need to pick this book up.  It's fun and hot, and will definitely keep you turning the pages!

Buy It!

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