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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Nobody Asked Me #3 - Country Music and Duct Tape

Well I've definitely been on the naughty list as far as posting lately.  I bet a lot of you are bloggers, and you just get in a rut sometimes, so you know the feeling.  I've had a lot going on in life lately, busy busy busy! So if it wasn't a scheduled post, it probably didn't get put up lately.  Hopefully that hectic time is done, and I can get back to business here at Fictional Candy!  As for today, I'm keeping it easy - I'm going to share some of my current favorite songs with you!!!

So yeah, I love the country.  I could really go on and on with this list, but right now these are the ones that I'm belting out in the car.  

So now... Halloween just past, and that's all great.  But we know there are other holidays that need celebrating!!!

Holidays to Celebrate This Week!!!

Today!! November 2, 2014
Deviled Egg Day!!
So let's get one of my favorite eggy snacks ready and enjoy!

Monday November 3, 2014
Cliche Day!
The early bird gets the worm, but good things come to those who wait - so which side of the fence will you fall on tomorrow??

Wednesday, November 5, 2014
Gunpowder Day!
Just hell yeah.  We need this :)

We are going easy this week.  The AIOTW this week is something everyone can get, and you probably already have.  It can be used for everything from repairs, to bondage (not that way, you kinks!), to last minute armor.  It comes in any color and design you like, but I'm old school - I prefer silver.  It sticks like nothing else in this world, I'm pretty sure it was created on some alien planet.  And it's compact form will make it a cinch to throw some in your Go Bags. If you haven't figured it out yet.... (insert drumroll here)