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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Laws of Seduction by Gwen Jones (Guest Post & Giveaway)

The Laws of Seduction
Gwen Jones

When Rex Renaud, the COO of Mercier Shipping, is arrested for a crime he didn't commit, he knows he'll need a miracle to clear his name … and sassy lawyer Charlotte Andreko is the perfect woman for the job.

Charlotte has built her career defending pro bono clients against womanizers like Rex Renaud, and she'd much rather let him sweat it out in a jail cell than defend him in court. Yet Rex swears he's been set up, and when he offers her a shocking sum of money in exchange for her legal counsel, the financial security is too tempting to resist. The court dubs Rex a serious flight risk—how many people have their own jet?—and he's released on one condition: Charlotte's his new jailer, and he's stuck with her until his arraignment.

But when a bomb threat sends Rex and Charlotte on the run, neither is prepared for the explosive chemistry and red-hot passion that flare between them as they hunt for the truth about his arrest.

Good morning!  Hope everyone is having a great day today (and staying warm!)  This morning I have a guest spot from Gwen Jones, herself, and a giveaway!  Hope you love it, and good luck!

WRITER’S CAVE – Ground Zero for my genius…
by Gwen Jones 

Virginia Woolf spoke of a “Room of One’s Own” if she’s to write fiction, and what I’m showing you here is my own little  writer’s cave where I go to create my genius. Okay, laugh if you must, but genius is work, sweeties. As is cleaning this den of iniquity of dead yogurt cups and popcorn salt after I’ve spent twelve hours straight in it. But today it actually looks quite civilized, so it’s a good a time as any to give you a tour.

First and foremost you have to start out with a good chair. I’ve been told the one I have costs upwards of $500, as it swivels, has an adjustable base, a lumbar back and sturdy construction. Not that I paid that much! I’m a writer NOT a hedge fund manager! My husband got it at an office moving sale for $50, so keep your eyes peeled. But one thing to remember is even with a good chair, my chiropractor says you still need to sit straight with your feel flat on the floor, and for no longer than 50 minutes at a stretch. Yes, I regularly go to a chiropractor. Why? Because I’m notorious for not taking his advice. He just loves that.

Next, of course is a good desk. I bought mine for $200 from a local antique dealer who also buys estates.  An absolute steal as it’s solid cherry with a huge drawer for squirreling lots of crap. My crap is office supplies, a journal, back scratcher, manicure set, rulers, scratch pads, Post-it notes and an endless supply of pens and goodie-room swag from various writers conferences. (Love that stuff!)  Most importantly my desk is my workspace, housing my laptop, and all the accoutrements of the writerly trade: pens, Post-it Notes, lamp, phone, dictionary and thesaurus, mile upon mile of notes and research in variable sizes shoved into files or laid out randomly, as well as the all important Coffee Cup. Except for me it’s a tea cup, usually housing stone-cold tea. I do drink it eventually. And carries some good advice, if you can read it. Not as if anyone pays attention. My cats literally bang their heads against the door until it opens. No respect. Seriously.

And another indispensable need for a writer is a good bulletin board. (I actually have two.) This one is pretty spare of stuff right now, but that’s because I’ve just started a new book. It’ll slowly fill up until the cork will be just a memory. Note the Post-it Notes. I just love Post-its. Can you tell? (Tossing this - ® - in just in case.)

You may have noticed the large bookcase against the wall. What’s a writer, without her books? Writers need to read as well as write, maybe even more so. Since I also teach writing at a local college, many of my books either scholarly or on craft. But I also have two more bookcases out of camera range just crammed with trashy reads, scandalously spicy stuff that’d turn a Bible Belt librarian’s hair white. I’ll just leave the details to your imagination.

Lastly is my comfy chair, where I can get away from my desk for a little while. This is a spot where I both read and write, settling my laptop atop my, er…lap and work. This chair is also a great place to ponder plot, and I’ve written many a proposal from there. Its armrests are also just high enough to strategically prop my hand under my chin and with just the right leverage, take a power nap. True! It’s been done! And so I sleep, perchance to dream…

Gwen Jones is a mentor and instructor in Western Connecticut State University’s Master in Creative and Professional Writing program, and an Assistant Professor of English at Mercer County College, in West Windsor, NJ. Her work has appeared in Writer’s Digest, The Kelsey Review, and The Connecticut River Review, and she is the author of the HarperCollins Avon FRENCH KISS series, Wanted: Wife, Kiss Me, Captain, and The Laws of Seduction. A writer of women’s fiction and romance, she lives with her husband, Frank, near Trenton, New Jersey. 

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