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Friday, December 19, 2014

California Renegade by Elise Covert - Cover Reveal

Ren is back, that charming outlaw of the Northern Renegades MC with the dangerous smile and bewitching blue eyes. He wants Meredith for another week on the back of his motorcycle. In fact, he wants Meredith in every physical way he can have her. Last year, they spent spring break together in a joyful, perilous and unexpected erotic holiday. This year, Ren and Meredith find their emotional connection growing during their week on the road. Just as they think they might be able to make something real work between them, Ren's outlaw lifestyle catches up with him and throws both he and Meredith into mortal danger. Even if their attraction could survive their personal complications, does it have a chance against Ren's dangerous life?

California Renegade
Elise Covert

A couple months ago I read Spring Break Renegade, and I fell in love with Ren and Meredith - hardcore. The book was relatively short, but it really stuck with me, and I am super excited to let you know book two is going to be released December 26!! Be sure to check back here then for my review, but for now check out this snippet and be sure to read my review. And then tell me you are going to read them both!!

“Ren, are you doing something dangerous?”
He smiled, but it wasn’t a real smile. It was a response to a stupid question.
“Everything I do is dangerous, Mer.” He looked at me again then. “Including fucking you.”
He was quiet for a while and I almost fell back asleep when he spoke again.
“I mean it when I say I want you. In a nice way. But, I also mean it like I told you before. When you came so hard that your thighs were running with your juices and I licked you. Before I took you. Do you remember what I said?”
Oh, yes, I remembered.
“That I was your woman. That you don’t want another cock anywhere near me. That you want to fill me with your cum and fuck me until I can’t stand. That you want me to be addicted to you.”
I whispered the litany I had been playing in my head ever since he said the words.
He nodded. “Yes, like that. Just like that.”

And right now you can get Spring Break Renegade for 

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