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Friday, December 26, 2014

California Renegade by Elise Covert (Review)

Title: California Renegade
Series: Renegade #2
Author: Elise Covert
Published: December 26, 2014 - Seascribe Publishing
Format: ebook received for review
Pages: approx 82

Ren is back, that charming outlaw of the Northern Renegades MC with the dangerous smile and bewitching blue eyes. He wants Meredith for another week on the back of his motorcycle. In fact, he wants Meredith in every physical way he can have her. 

Last year, they spent spring break together in a joyful, perilous and unexpected erotic holiday. This year, Ren and Meredith find their emotional connection growing during their week on the road. Just as they think they might be able to make something real work between them, Ren's outlaw lifestyle catches up with him and throws both he and Meredith into mortal danger. Even if their attraction could survive their personal complications, does it have a chance against Ren's dangerous life

Last week or so I read California Renegade by Elise Covert.  I can't tell you how excited I was for this book!!!  A few months ago I read Spring Break Renegade, and it was beyond hot.  I've been a fan of Ren and Meredith ever since, and was super excited to see where book two would take them.

"I came back for you because even though I tried, I couldn't get you off my mind," he answered.  "Not for a single day."

So book two, it starts a year later, right before spring break is about to begin.  How cool!!  Ren and Meredith have kept in contact, but they haven't seen each other.  That whole aspect was really great for me.  I love that it was a year of yearning and wanting, and not having.  I was definitely expecting it to be extremely hot when they were face to face.  I wasn't let down at all.  If you want to read some hot sex packed with emotion, I definitely say you should meet these two.

I don't know how Elise Covert does it.  These books are very short, but somehow she manages to make me fall in love with these characters in no time.  They basically have an intense week together, during spring break.  The intensity of the short time span, the electric white hot sexual chemistry, the dangerous and taboo side of taking off with a stranger... it's all the perfect combination.  These two come alive with just a couple words, you feel in tune with them.  It's not hard at all to put yourself in either of their places.  Elise Covert writes them so well, and the surrounding world.  It may physically be a short book, but it feels longer.

Things are a bit different for Ren and Mer in this book.  There are some deeper emotions their second time around.  Things get a bit more personal. They take things to the next level, and I loved it.  And there is a bit more danger, too.  The whole book had me either on the edge of my seat, or curling my toes.  They are one of those couples that I want to just keep reading more and more of.  I'd love to see them in a full length novel.  I'm not exactly sure when book three comes out, but I NEED to know what happens.  Mer is in college, and Ren has his mc club... they are from two different worlds, but you can feel the need for them to be together.  All I know is that if it were me, I'd be dropping everything to make it work.  Chemistry like that doesn't come along every day, and when it does, you need to grab it by the handlebars and ride.  So yeah, if you are looking for something hot and intense, give Ren and Mer a spin.  Be sure to check out my post with an excerpt from this book, linked in the box below - you won't regret it!  They are definitely one of my favorite couples, and I can't get enough.  More more more!!

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