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Friday, December 12, 2014

Crush by JC Emery (Review & Giveaway)

Title: Crush
Series: Bayonet Scars #4
Author: JC Emery
Published: December 15, 2014 - Left Break Press
Format: Ebook provided for review

Young love is always perfect. Until it's not.

Cheyenne Grady is a total daddy's girl to her bad-ass father, the Sergeant-at-Arms of the Forsaken Motorcycle Club. She's funny, and kind, and she just wants that deep, earth-shattering love like her dad has with her school secretary, Holly. But Cheyenne's been looking in the wrong direction, because the only good that can come from the way she looks at Jeremy Whelan is a lesson in heartbreak.

Jeremy always wanted to prospect for the Forsaken Motorcycle Club and wear the same patch as his father. When a life-long dream becomes reality, Jeremy realizes that the outlaw lifestyle is not for the faint of heart. Nor is it easy on relationships. He wants to be a good man, but temptation is everywhere.

Cheyenne is beautiful, and strong, and exactly what Jeremy could have forever. As long as he doesn't screw it up.

Love is never more powerful than the first time.

Jeremy and Cheyenne's book!!!  Ahhhhh!  I've been waiting for this one, I tell ya.  Forsaken is one of my favorite motorcycle clubs, and Jer and Chey are definitely some favorites among the club.  If you haven't started this series, I definitely recommend it.  It has many different facets, and JC Emery just writes it perfectly.

Cheyenne is the daughter of the Sergeant at Arms in Forsaken.  You get to know her a bit in Grady's book, Rev, and you know she is a pistol of a girl.  Most of Crush (but not all) is written in her point of view, so you really get to see everything this girl is going through and thinking.  I just love Cheyenne.  She's young, and even a bit naive at times, but she has got a huge heart, a bit of a daring streak, and just a lot of personality.  I imagine that she walks into a room and the whole air changes, you know she is there.  And she has a crush on Jeremy, who we have seen throughout the series also.

Jeremy is a prospect, and he's also the younger brother of Nic, who we met in Thrash.  He is about as sexy and hot as an 18 year old can get, and he will definitely make you wish you were there.  He's working his ass off to get his top rocker in the club, and it's not always easy.  For one thing, he's trying to keep an eye on Chey so she doesn't get herself into trouble.  For another, the guys are being hard on him because he is the
youngest prospect in the history of the club.  But in the way Jeremy handles himself, you know big things await this young man.  He's got that Alpha side to him that all of the guys in the club have, but Chey has his heart, and that's just how both of them like it.

There's a lot going on in the story.  They are still dealing with issues from Mancuso and the taking back of Alex and Michael.  Things are happening from all different sides, and the club is trying like hell to keep their women safe, as they so often seem to be a target for the mafia to come after. Crush really focuses on relationships within the club.  We get a closer look at the father-daughter dynamic between Grady and Chey, along with Chey's first true love of Jeremy.  Holly is still recovering from her tragedy in Rev.  There may even be problems with some other club members.  It's a lot to take in, and it never leaves you feeling like you haven't been on an awesome roller coaster. 

Jeremy and Cheyenne... sigh.  They are so cute and romantic... and troubled. They have a rocky start.  There are a lot of hormones and emotions, not to mention outside influences to deal with.  But through it all, even when one or the other messes up, you are rooting for them. They even heat it up and make your toes curl.  I love these two together, they've worked hard for their relationship.

Something awesome about this book is the epilogue.  It's fantastic.  I love how it sums up their situation, but still leaves the series open for more.  And there is definitely more.  The next in the series is Burn, which is Ian's book.  I definitely want to read this one, because I have a feeling there is so much more to Ian than meets the eye!

So have you read any books in this series?  What do you think?  Who is your favorite old lady, or club member?  Let me know!!

As a child, JC was fascinated by things that went bump in the night. As they say, some things never change. Now, as an adult, she divides her time between the sexy law men, mythical creatures, and kick-ass heroines that live inside her head and pursuing her bachelor's degree in English. JC is a San Francisco Bay Area native, but has also called both Texas and Louisiana home. These days she rocks her flip flops year round in Northern California and can't imagine a climate more beautiful.

JC writes adult, new adult, and young adult fiction. She dabbles in many different genres including science fiction, horror, chick lit, and murder mysteries, yet she is most enthralled by supernatural stories-- and everything has at least a splash of romance.

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