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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

This Would Be Paradise by ND Iverson (Review)

Title: This Would Be Paradise
Series: A Zombie Novel, Book 1
Author: N.D. Iverson
Published: November 2014
Format: Ebook received for review
Pages: Approximately 296

In a world where a virus has spread turning most of the population into flesh eating monsters, there are two friends partying it up in New Orleans when the infection hits. Far away from home, they are trapped and trying to make sense of all that has happened with the help of new friends and enemies along the way. Zombies aren't the only thing to fear...

Zombies!  You know I'm all about this, right?  So when this book came along, I was thinking "Oh hell yeah!"  New Orleans, Mardi Gras, and zombies.  What's the worst that could happen?  ND Iverson has written an exciting book, and I really loved getting her take on the apocalypse.

Bailey and Zoe are in town celebrating all the way from the north, so they are definitely out of their element.  When the infection starts, there is a lot of confusion around.  It's something that kind of came out of no where and is catching the area by surprise.  To the reader, it's obvious right from the start what is happening, but to those in the thick of it, it's not as obvious.  They know there is an infection, and it's turning people into these rabid type of maniacs.  But no one is actively saying the word "zombie" right away.  It's exciting to witness the bit of confusion.  Whenever I read a zombie horror novel, I always ask myself if I would handle it the same as the characters - and I totally love that no matter how many zombie novels I read, they are all so different.

Bailey is a bit stronger than Zoe, physically and mentally.  Where Zoe backs down from a fight, Bailey faces it head on.  That's definitely a quality I like to see in my heroines.  Bailey and Zoe meet up with a couple people along the way in the very beginning.  As for our heroine, she is a bit weary of some of the people, which I suppose she would have to be.  But it kind of bothered me, because I didn't see these people acting in a way they shouldn't.  In one instance, a zombie gets their head stomped.  Graphic, yes.  But also needed in that instance.  When you are faced with life and death, you choose life, and however you need to be able to keep choosing life, you take that direction.  But Bailey is young, and maybe not quite as jaded as I am, and she views this action as something she may need to keep a closer eye on.  All in all, caution is not a bad thing.  But when the going gets tough, I want the person who will survive no matter the cost on my team.

A bright spot in all of this badness comes in the form of a nine year old girl named Chloe.  She's a smart girl, and she calls the infection out as what it is right away: Zombies.  This child is bright and energetic, and I felt like she really puts a happy spin on the whole situation.  Children might be a liability, but the girl is smart.  When it comes down to it, I really feel she is more asset than liability.

This is only book one, and a lot happens.  The group grows in numbers, and finds refuge.  But it's not paradise, and they'd do well to not get too comfortable in their bubble.  People die in this book, and some of them are people who I didn't necessarily want to see go.  I really got the feeling that no one is safe, and that's what I want to see in a zombie horror novel.  ND Iverson's writing is smooth and fast paced.  I was drawn into this world she created, and quickly found myself attached to the characters, sharing their wins and losses right along with them.  If you are looking for zombies, I'd definitely say check this book out!

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