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Friday, January 2, 2015

Packing Double by Ruby Dixon (review)

Title: Packing Double
Series: Bedlam Butchers #2, Motorcycle Clubs
Author: Ruby Dixon
Published: October 2014
Format: Ebook received for review

When Kitty hears about the notorious ‘panty raid’ happening at a bar Friday night, she heads in looking for a good time with no strings attached. She might want to get laid, but she does not want to be part of any motorcycle club's lifestyle. She’s not good with following directions or taking orders, and she’s been told that’s what an old lady does.

But when she meets Gemini and Domino, everything changes. The dual presidents of the Bedlam Butchers, they stake their claim on Kitty and decide to show her what the club lifestyle is really about: riding free, living on the edge, and letting them show her just how good being claimed by two men can be. Kitty might like being the center of their attentions, but when her life takes a dangerous turn, she has to decide who to trust both in bed and out of it.

This novella contains boy on girl on boy, fun on and under a table, and a naughty heroine who gives as good as she gets.

I love motorcycle romances!!  And man, Ruby Dixon can certainly write them hot and steamy!!

If you follow me, you've probably seen me go on about the Motorcycle Clubs series with Ruby Dixon, Ella Goode, and Kati Wylde.  They are novella length books, all involved in their own series, but also tied into each other to form The Motorcycle Clubs series.  And they are freaking HOT.

Ruby Dixon's series, The Bedlam Butchers, is a double dose of hot, because the Butchers do everything in pairs.  That definitely adds up to some menage hotness.

"Get away from me," I cry out, pushing at him with my hands.  His long limbs seem to be everywhere, and so I use the drink tray as a shield and shove him aside.  The force of my reaction makes me fly backwards, off balance.

Strong hands catch me before I can tumble to the bar floor.  My back hits a strong chest, and then arms encircle me.  Strong arms.  I catch th escent of leather  a moment before a voice rumbles in my ear.  "You all right, sugar?"

In Packing Double it's about Kitty, a waitress in a bar where there is going to be a panty raid.  Thankfully the book described this for me because I was clueless LOL.  But it's basically a party for the club, and if you are interested in hooking up with members, you wear a certain type of panties, and that is like a red flag for them that you are ready and waiting.  Kitty decides that even though she is going to be working, she doesn't want to miss out on the fun, so she brings out her special panties for the party.

Now, the tie that binds the three series together are the Eighty Eight Henchmen mc club.   They're a bunch of neo-nazi type skinhead assholes.  They are nasty and dirty, and most definitely not  the good guys, and not even the sexy anti-heroes.  And they seem to have a thing for the women who are with the other clubs, and they get their eyes on Kitty.

Now... I loved this book.  Don't get me wrong.  But in all of the other books I've read so far in the Motorcycle Clubs, the heroes and heroines have a shared history together somewhere along the line that kind of accounts for the insta-love, you're my old lady stuff.  But in Packing Double, that's not there.  Now don't get me wrong, it worked for this trio - but I did miss a little something adding up to the sexual tension between them all.

Nevertheless, this is a great novella and I need to bump the rest of them up in line, because these books are freaking H-O-T.  Ruby Dixon, Ella Goode, and Kati Wylde make a perfect trio and I love how the books all tie in together.  Oh!!! And one more thing - Packing Double runs concurrent with Off Limits, and when Gemini meets up with his sister, Lucky (from Off Limits) it wraps it up perfectly.  This little tie in just made me smile from ear to ear - well played!!!

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