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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Whisper by Crystal Green (Review)

Title: Whisper
Series: Aidan Falls #0.5
Author: Crystal Green
Published: January 20, 2015 - Intermix
Format: EGalley
Pages: 63/Goodreads

“Confess What You’re Hiding , Show Who You Really Are, Meet Others Just Like You..." 

That’s the promise of the social media app called TellTale, and shy new girl Carley Rios is drawn by its lure of finding friendship…and maybe even more than that. Since she dropped out of college, she’s been aimless and lost in Aidan Falls, a town where everyone seems so tight-knit.

When she comes across an anonymous, heartfelt confession on TellTale that seems to be about her, she feels a spark of hope. And when one sexy, sinful confession leads to another, she becomes swept up in a game of secret admirer. All signs point to her admirer being another newcomer in town, Micah, who’s quickly gaining a reputation as a lothario.

But Carley is about to find out that love and acceptance is sometimes only a heartbeat away—and in a place where you haven’t bothered to look until a whisper finally catches your attention…

 Whisper is the opening novella to the Aidan Falls series.  This was also my first book from author Crystal Green.  One thing I learned is that I am most definitely reading on with this series.

"I'd do anything to have Carley, but she doesn't know I exist."

I'm not sure yet if the whole series is as focused on social media as Whisper, but this novella was, and it was pretty refreshing to find a book that felt modern in its technology and communication.  The social media in question?  TellTales, an app on your phone where you can post a picture with a secret of sorts.  Or a question.  Or anything really.  Then you send it out into the world, and you can even set a distance on it for who can read it.  It's a message like this that starts Carley's story.

Carley is new to Aidan Falls, and has kind of befriended her neighbor Diana.  Now, while I didn't really like Diana (she seemed very judgemental and a bit of a mean girl), Carley is definitely likeable.  She's quiet and reserved, but once she sees her name flash across the screen, she is very interested in finding out who wrote it. Diana is sure it is Micah, town hottie - but right away, I thought that would be too easy of an answer.

At the end of my patience, I started to turn around, but he must've known all my moves, because he slipped on hand over my eyes, blinding me, then covered my mouth with his in a scorching kiss.

While the question of who it really is wasn't too hard to find out, the quick journey is well worth it.  This is a novella, so you don't really get too much by the way of waiting or drama, things happen fast.  But when Carley and her secret admirer meet in real life, the sparks and chemistry are definitely tangible.  However, I really do feel this novella could have benefited quite a bit from being a bit longer.

I really loved this novella, from beginning to end.  At the end it does say Carley and her secret admirer will show face later in the series, I think with cameos.  That is really a shame, because I loved this couple and would love to see a whole book for them.  I found Crystal Green's writing to be engaging and smooth flowing, and if you are looking for a new New Adult romance series to sink your teeth into, I have a feeling this will be a good one.  I will have a review coming up next month for book one, Honeytrap - so be sure to check back then to see if the goodness continues!

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