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Monday, May 4, 2015

At The Stars by Elisabeth Staab (Review)

Title: At The Stars
Series: Evergreen Grove #1
Author: Elisabeth Staab
Published: May 5, 2015 (tomorrow!!)
Format: Ebook received for review
Pages: 278 per Goodreads

I was a normal teenager who loved music and dancing, until the day I was attacked in my favorite record store. A few years later when my mom succumbed to depression and took her own life, I couldn’t stay in my hometown with all the memories and the curious stares. I decided to get in my car and just go – except my car decided it was done going outside a tiny place called Evergreen Grove. That’s where I found Jake. Or I guess Jake found me. 

For the last eight years, all I can think about is the day I ended another man’s life. Then I manage to save Cassie’s, and I feel like maybe I’ve got some kind of second chance. To do what I couldn’t before, or maybe even for something bigger. Something like love. If only I could feel like I deserve her...

For my first read from author Elisabeth Staab, I have to say I am impressed.  I really enjoyed Cassie and Jake's story, they make a great couple for sure.

Cassie... oh man, I felt for this girl.  First she was raped as a teen, and then her mother commits suicide.  Either one of those is enough to give someone some issues, and she's had both.  But you know what, she is doing something awesome, even if she doesn't feel so.  She picks up and leaves.  Just leaves.  That's it, she's gone.  Anything she can fit in her car and she is on the road.  I can't tell you how... fantastic that is.  I'm sure everyone at one point or another has wanted to do that.  And when her car breaks down outside Evergreen Grove, well, she kind of loses it for a moment.  I like Cassie because she is one of those characters who is stronger than she gives herself credit for.  She isn't cocky.  But she also has this giant heart, and several times over, we see her helping others in some very important ways.  She's just good people.

And Jake... whew.  Ok, so he meets Cassie in the dark of night in less than ideal circumstances.  But it is absolutely fate that threw these two together.  He's got his own issues with his self-worth.  But there is no denying how he immediately feels for this lost girl.  I love Jake.  He's got that protective spirit that makes him such a great Alpha Male. He's not all muscles and bossy behavior, he knows when to let go and when to push.  Ok, so maybe he is more push than let go, but his methods work for him.

So Cassie is stuck in a small town, and her and Jake have a growing attraction.  But they are not the only characters in this story.  Let me say one name to you - AJ.  AJ is so full of awesome, I want him to have his own book!  He lives at the motel where Cassie is staying and he is fabulous.  The two become instant besties.  He is open and honest and supportive.  I just love him.  He is one of those characters that I would love to know in real life.

This book was truly wonderful.  I can't even find a single complaint.  There was tension and sexual attraction.  There was just enough heat to make it interesting.  And there are a couple mysteries going on.  Such as, why is Jake so down on himself?  And what is going on with his "buddy" Dante?  I really felt like I was right there in Evergreen Grove.  And heck, if I'm on the road and my car breaks down, I hope it's there.

Elisabeth Staab loves passionate stories and happy endings. Her books have been called “emotionally delicious,” “action-packed,” and “gloriously snarky.” When not writing romance, she enjoys date night with her husband, reading Harry Potter with her kids, and marathoning her favorite books or TV series.

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