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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wild by Skye Warren (Review)

Title: Wild
Series: Chicago Underground #4
Author: Skye Warren
Release Date: June 30, 2015

Once upon a time I was the girl who had everything, the clothes, the car. The rich dad who spoiled me. But the truth was, the only thing I had was my body. I used it to buy my way out.

I took a bite of the apple knowing full well what would happen.

That’s how I became a call girl. That’s the story of how I ended up in hell.

There’s only one man who makes me wish things had been different. One man who could never be with a girl like me. Luke is a cop. Untouchable. Unbreakable. And dangerous in his own way.

When I end up on the run, he’s the only one I can turn to.

And he just might be my downfall.

Last week I got the pleasure of reading Wild, which is book 4 in the Chicago Underground series.  To be fair, I've only read one other book in this series (Allie's book, Rough - loved it!) but I did not feel lost or like I was missing out on anything.  So yes - first and foremost, I would say you could read this as a standalone if you wanted to jump right in.

So Shelly is a prostitute.  Well, ex-prostitute... wait, no, she's back at it.  Haha.  Poor Shelly wants out of the business, but it's not always easy - especially when you have a "manager" who "manages" you too closely, if you are picking up what I'm putting down.  But I like Shelly.  Even though she keeps thinking she is cold and turned off to the world, we, as the readers, get to see a very different picture than the one she views.  I found Shelly to be caring, even taking young Ella to keep her safe.  If you hate the world, you don't care for others and you definitely burn with emotion for another... even if he is Luke.

Ahhh Luke.  Good guy, good cop.  But he's in love with Shelly.  It's a bad situation for both of them.  The tension and the emotion are there, but they aren't really acting on it.  It's a bit frustrating, because I genuinely liked both of these characters and I want them happy.  Skye Warren does a good
job making me wait!

Someone who I found very compelling in this series, and especially in this book is Phillip.  He's kind of like Edward in Pretty Woman, but he's dark and not quite the romantic that Edward was.  But he had hired Shelly once upon a time to be his live in woman, and to be at his beck and call.  His desires run very dark, and I gotta say - I like it.  I'll have to go check the other books to see if he is in them more, because he's definitely someone who has caught my eye!

This book doesn't have quite the amount of sex I usually see in Skye Warren's books.  There's a few scenes (and they are definitely hot!), but it's not all about the sex.  And this is where I find the story so great - it is about a prostitute, but it's not completely focused on the physical aspect.  Warren was able to carry the story on the characters and not just the way they get off.  Do you see what I'm saying?  I'm finding it hard to find the words, so hopefully you get what I mean!

Anyways - I loved this book!  I love all of Skye's books.  This series is definitely one to check out!

Skye Warren is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of dark romantic fiction. Her books are raw, sexual and perversely romantic.
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