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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Broken Circles by Elise Covert (Review)

Title: Broken Circles
Series: The Circles Trilogy
Author: Elise Covert
Released: July 29,2015 - Seascribe Publishing
Format: Ebook received for review
Pages: 241 per Goodreads


Nicole Simmons returns to Seattle with scarred wrists and a scarred heart, her disastrous relationship with Jack LaTour over. The door seems closed on both her love for him and her exploration of his kinky world. 

But Nic can't forget those feelings, those sensations, her incredible peek into that world of such pleasures. Her mind in a whirl, she turns to the only resource she can think of: the director of the Lush Life club, the expert of kink. 

Dr. Peter Hall offers Nic lessons in all the seductive arts to which she is drawn, to act as her mentor as she learns. 

But Nic isn’t his only student. 

It seems Nic's journey with Jack isn't over yet. How far is she willing to go this time?

Last week I reviewed the story of Nic and Jack, the deliciously sexy new couple in Linked Circles.  Their story continues now in Broken Circles.  And what a doozy!

I don't want to say too much for the sake of spoilers, but I can give you some details.  In book one, Nic and Jack met and didn't just spark, they exploded into lust.  Then something horrible happened, and they parted ways.  In Linked Circles, Nic is trying to recover, trying to discover this new side to herself, and she is learning quite a bit.  I wouldn't say the first half of this book was slow, but it was different take on Nicole's love life.  I definitely enjoyed seeing Nic take the initiative and courage to see a new side to herself that may not be the norm.  And she's taking steps to learn more about the BDSM world, and submission in general.  Respect to her, because that could certainly be a daunting task to someone who is generally pretty vanilla.

This book is all from Nic's point of view, which is very enlightening in itself.  But I would have liked to see some of what Jack is thinking.  The man is such an enigma.  He's successful and Dominant, but you can see the break up has taken it's toll on him.  However, as soon as you think he is hurting just as much as she, you see him on the arm of some gorgeous eye-candy.  I would love to get inside his head and find out exactly what the heck goes through that brain!

Broken Circles is about learning.  Learning about herself, learning about her new world, and ultimately, learning about Jack.  I like that Nicole is open enough to see that Jack is not this epitome of perfection, and I'm glad that Jack even got to see the cracks in his own armor.

And hey - if you are looking for some hot sexy to raise your temperature - don't worry!!  Elise Covert does not disappoint in this book, there is definitely some toe curling orgasms happening. But this time, you aren't jumping in head first.  And I like that.  I can't wait to see what happens next for this couple.  This is definitely an exciting and interesting trilogy that isn't just about gratuitous sex.  It's love and emotion and knowledge and pain and well, lots of freaking hot sex!

Buy It!

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