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Monday, August 3, 2015

Linked Circles by Elise Covert (Review)

Title: Linked Circles
Series: Linked Circles #1
Author: Elise Covert
Released: October 1, 2014 - Seascribe Publishing
Format: Ebook received for review
Pages: 275 per Goodreads

Nicole Simmons had a great life, a life most women would envy: a fantastic job at a non-profit foundation, a sexy considerate lover with no strings attached, fun friends and a bright future. 

And then Nic met Jack LaTour.

With charm and an animal magnetism she can't resist, Jack draws Nic into his highly erotic world. He seduces her, commands her, and presents her with his bracelet, his claim on her.

Nic slowly gives Jack her trust and Jack gradually deepens his emotional commitment to her. But as the eroticism around them blooms, Nic begins to realize just how decadent a life Jack has led. Is this a world she wants to enter? And can Jack keep her safe if she does?

I love Elise Covert.  I've read her Renegade series, and was completely in love.  But lately, I'd been feeling kind of over the billionaire and submissive storyline.  Let me tell you what, Covert's writing felt fresh and new, and I didn't feel like I was reading the same old story.  She drew me in, and I loved Nicole and Jack's story.

Nicole is a very interesting character.  She's in a type of friends-with-benefits relationship with a man named Lawrence.  He's older, wealthy, and very kind.  I really get the feeling that there are sincere feelings between them.  But that relationship can never really come to fruition for a multitude of reasons, and they both seem ok with how it is.  And then one day Nicole meets Jack, and she is filled with fireworks.  That's what we all chase, the fireworks, ya know?  So I can't really blame her for leaving what's deemed as safe for what is a huge gamble.  Nicole strikes me as open minded, intelligent and not naive at all.  She doesn't seem to make a lot of mistakes, the silly little things some of the other things that other characters might do.

As for big man Jack.  He's well known for being a Dom.  So much so that he hasn't really had what general society would call a normal relationship in quite a long time.  Alone, Jack isn't really a character I like.  It's when he is with Nicole that my opinion of him changes.  Alone, he has a bevy of women around him, all past "relationships".  He claims there are no romantic feelings, but it soon becomes quite clear that sentiment isn't exactly shared.  And really, it's a bit ignorant of him to think so.  He thinks he's got everything under control, and when the story climaxes, you can tell that he really doesn't.  I do have issue with the way he dealt with some of these other women, when there is obviously something wrong.  He seems very cocky to me, and the way he handled it smacks of disrespect to Nicole, in my opinion.  But when he is with Nicole, it's like he is a different man.  He's lit from within, and the changes show.

This book isn't just about these two as a couple.  There's a world of BDSM that Nicole is new to, and not all of it is welcoming.  There is also a very dangerous aspect that rears it's head, and it's downright scary to consider what happens.

All in all, I loved this story.  The characters felt real.  The sex was burning hot.  The emotions were right there for me to touch.  Elise Covert took me on a ride, and I can't wait to see what happens next in Broken Circles!

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