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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

With Visions Of Red - Book 2 by Trisha Wolfe (Review)

Title: With Visions of Red
Series: Broken Bonds Book Two
Author: Trisha Wolfe
Released: July 16, 2015
Format: Ebook received for review
Pages: 141 per Amazon

The UNSUB has made contact. 

After a rapid string of grisly murders shakes the usually peaceful city of Arlington, Virginia, the sadistic killings of young women lull into a deceptive calm. Agent Sadie Bonds knows the terror isn’t over; serial killers don’t stop until caught.

And this sadist has targeted the profiler, revealing pieces of her dark past and weaving her secrets into each gruesome crime scene. Is the killer someone from Sadie’s past, her present? Or is he part of a fated future she brought on herself? The answer lies within the riddle of the copycat killings, ones mimicked after the infamous Blood Countess.

As tension brews in the department awaiting the UNSUB’s next move, Sadie’s more than on edge—her deviant cravings for the possible perpetrator have ratcheted out of control. She needs the feel of Colton’s ropes binding her, sheltering her from stark reality.

Only Colton Reed has his own twisted secrets that threaten to unravel not only Sadie as they come to light, but the UNSUB’s carefully constructed web now entangling both the profiler and her sexy bondage rigger.

Is Sadie too close to this case to be objective, or is the UNSUB closer to her than she ever imagined…

Well Sadie and Colton are back in book two of the Broken Bonds series.  The mystery is definitely amping up while the heat between Colton and Sadie is heating up!

Just to touch base again, there is a serial killer who is targeting women.  He may be a copycat that is after Sadie Bonds, a profiler with a narrow escape from a maniac when she was younger. Trisha Wolfe is very good at misdirection, and I'm still not exactly positive who the killer is - but I think I have a good idea. For the simple fact that I'm not exactly sure really endears the story to me.

Colton and Sadie... ok, this is my one complaint.  There seems to be a bit of "insta-love" going on.  I mean, I can see Colton's obsession, he's been watching her in the club and had built a fascination with Sadie before the story began.  But for Sadie?  She's been closed off her entire adult life, and now suddenly Colton has the key to unlock her proverbial door, and she's letting her floodgates loose?  I don't know.  On one hand it makes me question why, and on the other I want to say "why ask why, just go with it"  Either way, these two are into each other, nearly dependent on each other.  They need to be near each other, and when they are, I swear the temperature probably raises ten degrees.  Regardless of how fast it goes, I love them together and I ultimately think they are a terrific and sizzling match.

I wish I could say I liked other characters as much!  First, there is Quinn, who is leading the investigation.  I think the stress is getting to him.  He's being snappy, and kind of a dick, to be honest.  And then there is Carson, the rookie on the case. This guy is too cocky and pushy for my tastes, and I wish he'd go back where he came from.  I doubt I'll get that wish, since it's looking like he is becoming more and more instrumental in the story.  And then we have Julian, Colton's brother.  He is barely in the book, but Colton's story features him enough that you get the impression that if you look up "Douchebag" in the dictionary, you'd find Julian's picture.

We get a bit more back story in book two, and it's certainly enlightening.  We also get to see a bit more of Sadie's life outside of the investigation.  The whole story is exciting and definitely holding my attention.  I absolutely am very excited to read book three.  For a dark erotic mystery thriller, I'd say this is definitely a good series to try!
From an early age, Trisha Wolfe dreamed up fantasy worlds and characters and was accused of talking to herself. Today, she lives in South Carolina with her family and writes full time, using her fantasy worlds as an excuse to continue talking to herself.

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