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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Wicked Weapon by Cari Silverwood (Review)

Title: Wicked Weapon
Series: Dark Hearts #2
Author: Cari Silverwood
Release Date: April 2, 201 - Smashwords
Format: Ebook received for review
Pages: 224 per Goodreads

This book is part of a dark erotic fiction trilogy and may disturb some readers. The full warning is at the bottom. This is not a standalone read.

Zorie is lost, again.

Friends can become enemies and enemies can become friends.
What is a man who declares himself your knight in cracked and bloody armor, when he seems to be leading you to your doom?

Mavros, once known as Mister Black, has vanished.
Zorie and Grimm are in the hands of unscrupulous men. 
She will emerge either dead, enslaved, or with revenge in her heart, and a lethal hairpin in her hand to kill those who have hurt the innocent.

Hairpin or bullet, dead is dead.

This Dark Hearts trilogy explores horror and thriller territory. You’ll find some very graphic scenes of violence, torture, death, and sex, oozing from the pages. In the first book you won’t find anything more than hints of romance, as the romance is on drip-feed speed. The main man, the antihero, may not even end up being who most readers expect him to be.

With DARK HEARTS, I wanted to step outside conventional romance. I wanted no cliffhangers, yet endings that make you curious about the next story, and a story ARC similar to some urban fantasy series. Zorie, the heroine will seriously kick some ass, but she won’t always be on top, because being on the bottom can be fun...for readers...and maybe for her. The last book, Wicked Hunt, will be a very, VERY twisted romance. There may be sweetness, but there will also be tragedy and torture, and hopefully some screaming readers.

Wow.  This book.  I had so many things going on in life, it took me a lot longer than expected to read this.  And it killed me, because it was so freaking good.  This trilogy is like nothing I've ever read, and Cari Silverwood has blown my mind.

So in the review of the first book I explained mesmers etc. The thought still scares the shit out of me.  And now Silverwood has really turned up the heat a thousand notches on poor Ms Zorie.  And I definitely don't mean in a good way.

When your mind is controlled by someone else, how do you know what is real?  What is illusion?  How do you even know if what you are feeling is real?  Well, now Zorie is in a precarious situation where it seems there is no escape.  Mavros isn't saving the day, and Grimm isn't doing much better.  But Zorie - she is learning things and that is super exciting.  I hope I can see her turn everything around.  And while victory comes in small doses for her, I'm not exactly sure she will win the war. And that is a superb feeling - the not knowing.  Usually you sit there and you know who will come out on top, because hello - formula.  But in this trilogy, there are surprises around every corner.

And how about that Grimm?  I swear, half this book I loved him, and half I was wanting to jam something in this throat.  And the other half I just felt bad for him.  Yeah, I know I used 3 halves.  So what.  The emotions I felt for him warranted more than just a third. I don't know if he is a good guy or a bad guy, or a bad guy disguising as a good guy, or a good guy disguising as a bad guy.  Mind blown.  Again.

I can't wait for book three.  I need to know what happens.  If you start reading this, I have a feeling that you will feel the same way.  But take heed to the warnings.  This isn't a romance.  It's dark and scary.  And definitely not a romance.  But it is oh-so-good!

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