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Monday, March 27, 2017

Inheritance by Heather Hildenbrand (Review & Giveaway)

Title: Inheritance
Series: Heart Lines #2
Author: Heather Hildenbrand
Release Date: March 27, 2017
Format: ebook received for review
Pages: 367 per Goodreads

You either use magic or it uses you… 

Sam has regained her memory—and with it, the Knowing. There is magic inside her; strong, powerful and old as the Earth, it is more than enough to heal the sick werewolves. If only she could figure out how to use it. 

Alex Channing has finally done something selfless and walked away. For the first time ever, his reasons are not about his own interests. He knows full well Sam is the only one who can heal him. But Alex knows better than anyone: magic always comes with a price. And he refuses to let Sam get hurt because of him. He’d rather die than cause her pain—and he plans to do just that. The more rabid werewolves he can take with him, the better. 

Well I just finished reading Inheritance this weekend.  It was a pretty good book, I'd have to say.  Although not quite as exciting as Remembrance, it really let you get a longer peak into the minds of Sam and Alex.

So in this book the two are a world away from each other, but yet constantly on each other's minds.  They're consumed with thoughts of the other.  I dunno, to me, it seemed like they fell in love pretty fast.  But in the supernatural world where everything is heightened, that's to be expected, I think.  Fast or not, I do love these two together...when they are together.  They have a hate/love/tolerate/sex-it-up thing going on.  Emotions and sparks fly high and fast when they are next to each other.

Sam's trying to dig into the knowledge of how to use her powers.  I have some troubles here.  She did it naturally when she was a child, but with age she has forgotten.  Losing her memory for a spell (no pun intended!) didn't help.  I guess she is just so caught up in the fear and the "what if" that she doesn't let it flow naturally as she did when she was younger.  But this is where it gets interesting to me.  No one is telling her much of anything.  Everyone has done all this research and is so sure of who she is, but no one will help her.  So she goes to find help.  And she kind of finds... anti-help.  Anti-help that kind of shows her more than tells her.  That's all well and good for her.

But she needs to take heed of warnings.  And she doesn't.  Someone has given her a warning - and while it isn't much to go on - she doesn't hardly give it a second thought.  And while at first my wheels were spinning, suspecting all of the obvious but possibly hidden in plain sight suspects, the ending of the book is sending me on another path.  A path I don't like.

Because Alex is on that path.  And it just seems like magic is his nemesis, which is unfortunate.  But dear lord, the man is trying to do what's right and protect what he loves - so I have to give him credit for that.  But this man was clearly a bull in a previous life for as stubborn and thick headed as he is (no offense to any bulls out there).

All in all a good read.  Inheritance didn't move with quite the same speed as book one, but I think that happens a lot in series.  So I'm ready for book 3 to take everything we have learned and felt, and throw us on our asses.  I like the characters and this entire world that Sam lives in.  So now we just have to see what happens next!

Heather Hildenbrand was born and raised in a small town in northern Virginia where she was homeschooled through high school. (She’s only slightly socially awkward as a result.)

She writes Young Adult & New Adult romance including the bestselling Dirty Blood & Imitation series’. She splits her time between coastal Virginia and sunny Florida and loves having a mobile career and laptop lifestyle of living in two places. Her most frequent hobbies are riding motorcycles and avoiding killer slugs.

Heather Hildenbrand on Goodreads

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