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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Remembrance by Heather Hildenbrand (Review)

Title: Remembrance
Series: Heart Lines #1
Author: Heather Hildenbrand
Released: Feb 2017
Pages: 306 per Goodreads
Format; Ebook received for review

She’s the cure that could save him. If only she could remember how.

Two years ago, 20 year-old Samantha Knight experienced a life-altering trauma. Unfortunately, she can’t remember what it was. Previously outgoing, fun, and carefree—it’s as if someone flipped a switch on Sam’s insides. Now, she’s afraid of everything, socially awkward, and convinced she’s going crazy. As BeyoncĂ© would say, she woke up like this. Sam tries her best to juggle college classes, work, and the nosiest roommate ever, but behind the curtain, Sam’s life is all about keeping a firm grip on her own mind. And life is kicking her ass.

Alex Channing has only one enemy in this world: werewolves. Born and raised to fight in the supernatural military, he has become an expert at hunting and killing rabid werewolves. But when Alex is bitten and infected, he finds himself racing against a ticking clock for his own survival.

Alex’s search for a cure leads him finally to an oracle in a seaside town in California. And she gives him the reading of a lifetime. The key to his cure is a girl who forgets things, cries spontaneously, and might just be insane. And the only way she can save him is to do the one thing Alex knows is impossible: she has to remember.

Recently in my reading I’ve been avoiding PNR.  I was just so over it, ya know?  But then this book popped up on my radar, Remembrance. I’ve read Heather Hildenbrand before, so I thought, “Why not?”  I’ve read this author a few times before, and I’ve always fallen in love with her books.  Turns out that was a great decision.  Remembrance has everything I love about PNR, and books in general.

This book is a spin-off from the Dirty Blood series, which I haven’t read.  Yes, I was a bit nervous about that, but it proved to be a non-issue completely.  I never felt like I was lost or missing something, and that’s a huge plus for me.  So if you are a little worried about picking up a spin-off, don’t be in this case!

Alex and Sam.  Sigh.  I love these two.  Sam is our heroine, and life has been a bit of a struggle for her lately.  She’s just not herself, and she can’t explain or figure out why.  She’s got a recent fear of men and dogs, and every shadow makes her jump.  My heart goes out to this girl, because it’s obviously causing her some trauma.  Her whole life has changed because of these issues, and without a recognizable reason. So she’s moved across the country to kind of find herself, get away, and also get some answers.  That leads her to a very supernatural community, which is all kinds of awesome.  I’m especially digging her boss, Mirabelle, at the mystical shop, Oracle.

Alex…. Ok.  Sometimes he’s a complete jerk, or at least that’s how it seems.  Sometimes he is so thoughtful and caring. And you never know which Alex you are going to get.  But there’s a lot of good reasons for that. Reasons I’m not going to tell you of course!  But he’s an awesome guy, and he’s a werewolf hunter.  But now he’s fallen ill, and it’s likely to kill him, so he finds himself in the same supernatural community as Sam.  Hello, fate.

I love how fate and chance weave themselves into this story. You think everything is your own free will, but some things just can’t be changed.  And the mystery of it all is just stellar. Hildenbrand has created this awesome world full of vivid characters.  She delivers on romance, and the supernatural, along with danger and excitement.  Her writing style really grabbed me right away, just as it has with her other books. Every time I turned on my kindle I was instantly transported into Sam’s world.  I lead a hectic life, and books are my self-indulgence, so when an author comes along who can really take ahold of my imagination for a bit, I can’t say enough good things. 

 I think fans of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance will both love this book.  It’s not so over the top on either genre that it gets lost in one aspect or another.  Everything is really well balanced.  The secrets aren’t all given away in the first few chapters, so you get to learn new things along with the characters, which is a big bonus to me.  And even better, I like the characters.  (ok, there’s one I won’t, but I’m not going to talk about him!!!) I’m pretty interested to see where this series leads, and I definitely thing I need to go back and catch up on Dirty Blood, too!

Heather Hildenbrand was born and raised in a small town in northern Virginia where she was homeschooled through high school. (She’s only slightly socially awkward as a result.)

She writes Young Adult & New Adult romance including the bestselling Dirty Blood & Imitation series’. She splits her time between coastal Virginia and sunny Florida and loves having a mobile career and laptop lifestyle of living in two places. Her most frequent hobbies are riding motorcycles and avoiding killer slugs.

Heather Hildenbrand on Goodreads

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