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Reviews - By Author

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Accardo, Jus - Faceless
Aitken, Elena - Drawing Free
Alberts, Diane - Play Me
Alberts, Diane - Try Me
Aleo, Toni - Blue Lines
Andre, Bella  - From This Moment On
Andrews, Nazarea - The Future Without Hope
Angel, April - Mr. Buff
Angel, April - Party Crasher
Angel, April - Stranded Temptation
Armytage, Tessa - Bess, Nicholas & a Dog Called Bones
Aukes, Rachel - 100 Days in Deadland
Aukes, Rachel - Deadland Rising
Avelynn, Kate - Flawed

Bacio, Louisa - Bed of the Dead
Ball, Krista D - Spirits Rising
Banks, Maya - Letting Go
Bast, MaryLynn - One Bite To Passion
Bast, MaryLynn - Werewolf Bound
Belfield, J.A. - Fated Encounter
Bickle, Laura - Embers
Bisset, Gabrielle - Blood Avenged
Bisset, Gabrielle - Blood Betrayed
Blevins, Candace - Safeword: Matte
Blevins, Candace - Safeword: Quinacridone
Bliss, Bonnie - Halloween Submission
Blisse, Victoria - Making It Real
Blisse, Victoria - Masquerading Hearts
Brassington, Aida - Between Seasons
Bristol, Sidney - Hot Tango
Brogden, Ted - Jigsaw
Brookes, LA - Slake
Bundy, Candice- The Daemon Whisperer
Bunino, Sandra - Marooned In Miami
Burnett, Dana Michelle - Haunted
Burnett, Dana Michelle - Incarnate
Burnett, Dana Michelle - Spiritus
Burton, Jaci - Hope Flames

Camaron, Chelsea - One Ride
Chelsea Camaron - Ice (With Jessie Lane)
Cameron, Chelsea M - For Now
Cameron, Chelsea - For Real
Carew, Opal - Riding Steele
Carr, Cassandra - A Spanking Good Time
Carr, Cassandra - Cold As Ice
Carr, Cassandra - Collision
Carr, Cassandra - Double Vision
Carr, Cassandra - Impact
Carr, Cassandra - Loaded Question
Carr, Cassandra - On Display
Carr, Cassandra - Take Me At The Ballgame
Carr, Cassandra - Velocity
Carrington, Rachel - The First Spell
Castille, Sarah - Full Contact
Castille, Sarah - Rough Justice
Cavendish, Cat - The Pendle Curse
Chartier, Dawn - Diamonds
Chase, Ashlyn - Demolishing Mr. Perfect
Chase, Ashlyn - Quivering Thighs
Chase, Ashlyn - Strange Neighbors
Chorpenning, Blakely - Frayed
Claire, Nicola - Kindred
Clark, Naomi - Afterlife
Clark, Naomi - Demonized
Clark, Naomi - The Necromancer's Apprentice
Clark, Naomi - Shadow Cursed
Clark, Naomi - Ungrateful Dead
Clark, Naomi - The Wolf Witch
Cocker, Dan - The Meeting
Cole, Jennifer - At The Dungeon Master's Hand
Cole, Jennifer - A Toy For Two
Cooper, Russ - Girl On A Laptop
Covert, Elise - California Renegade
Covert, Elise - Spring Break Renegade
Cummings, Donna - Lord Midnight

Davis, Kaitlyn - Ignite
Davis, Kaitlyn - Simmer
Davis, Lia - A Tiger's Claim
Diablo, Keta - Decadent Deceptions
Dixon, Ruby - Off Limits
Dixon, Ruby - Packing Double
Douglas, Penelope - Falling Away
Duffy, Shannon - Awakening

Ehrlich, Sigal - Layers
Eliot, Anne - Almost
Eliot, Anne - Unmaking Hunter Kennedy
Emery, JC - Crush
Emery, JC - Thrash
Erotique, Elle - They Call Me Trixie, Encounter One
Erotique, Elle - They Call Me Trixie, Encounter Two
Estep, Jennifer - First Frost
Evangelista, Kate - Savor
Evans, Leigh - The Thing About Weres


Felthouse, Lucy - Off The Shelf
Felthouse, Lucy - On The Prowl
Firman, Colee - Caught Up In You
Fitzpatrick, Becca - Crescendo
Fitzpatrick, Becca - Hush Hush
Folsom, Tina - Edge of Passion
Forgy, MN - The Fear That Divides Us
Frey, Phillip - Hym and Hur

Gardner, Jacqueline - Thoughtless
Garland, LJ & Gould, Debbie - Sins Of The Mind
Gates, Cecily - An Imaginary House By The Sea
Gavin, Andy - The Darkening Dream
Gayle, Eliza - Vampire Awakening 
Gerrard, Karyn - Heart of Rock
Gerrard, Karyn - Timeless Heart
Gimpel, Ann - Alice's Alpha
Gow, Kailin - Circus Summer
Gow, Kailin - Never Say Never
Goode, Ella - Her Secret Pleasure
Goodwin, Emily - All I Need
Goodwin, Emily - Contagious
Goodwin, Emily - Contagious Chaos
Emily Goodwin - Stay
Grace, Alexa - Deadly Offerings
Graham, Heather - Deadly Night
Graham, Heather - Deadly Harvest
Graham, Heather - Deadly Gift
Gray, Lindsey - Redemption
Green, Crystal - Whisper
Gregoire, JM - Burning
Grey, Kendall - Inhale
Grey, Kendall - Just Breathe Ephemera
Grey, Shanon - The Shoppe of Spells
Gucker, Christie AC - The Cliff

Hachton, Rae - Black Satin
Hachton, Rae - Pretty In Black
Hachton, Rae - Raven In The Grave
Hadaway, LJ - Dark Side Of Purgatory
Halfwerk, Su - Hellbound
Halfwerk, Su - Intricate Entanglement
Hall, Celeste - Blood Seductions
Hammell, Kacey - Tied Down
Hamilton, Rebecca - The Forever Girl
Harian, Sarah - Vault of Sins
Harian, Sarah - The Wicked We Have Done
Harris, Ruth - Modern Women
Hawkeye, Lauren & Tawny Stokes - The Other Brother
Hayes, Griffin - Bird Of Prey
Hayes, Griffin - Hive
Hayes, Sherri - Slave
Heaton, Felicity - Covet
Heaton, Felicity - Her Wicked Angel
Heaton, Felicity - Seduce
Hebert, Cambria - Tempt
Hildenbrand, Heather - Imitation
Hill, Joey W - Unrestrained
Holle, Krista - The Lure of Shapinsay
Hood, Holly - Ink
Hood, Holly - Black Moon
Hoover, Colleen - Maybe Someday
Hoover, Colleen - Ugly Love
Hudson, AM - Knight Of The Rose
Hudson, AM - Tears of the Broken
Huss, JA - Block
Huss, JA - Like
Hutchinson, Ty - The Perfect Plan

Iverson, ND - This Would Be Paradise

Jackson, AL - Come To Me Quietly
James, Jennifer - Long Time Coming
James, Jennifer - Love Kinection
James, Jennifer - Marked
Jamison, Jade - Savage
Jans, Honey - Goldie and the Three Bears
Jans, Honey - Twice In A Blue Moon
Jayne, Jessica - In Flames
Jayne, Jessica - More Than Friends
Jeffrey, Shaun - The Kult
Jenner, Carmen - Kick
Jensen, Megg - Sleepers
Joachim, Jean - The Book of Danny
Joachim, Jean - The Marriage List
Johannes, SR - Suffocate
Johannes, SR - Untraceable
Joseph, Lynn - The Test
Julian, Stephanie - Goddess In The Middle
Julian, Stephanie - How to Worship a Goddess

Kace, Angeline - Descended By Blood
Kace, Angeline - Enemy Within
Kalen, Cat - Pride's Pursuit
Kalen, Cat - Pride's Run
Kalen, Cat - Pride Unleashed
Kallysten - Bodyguards
Kallysten - Coward's Way Out
Kallysten - My Reluctant Warden
Kallysten - On The Edge
Kallysten - Out Of The Box
Kallysten - Ward Of The Vampire
Karsak, Melanie - The Harvesting
Kaye, Laura - Hard As It Gets
kaye, Laura - Hard As You Can
Kaye, Laura - Just Gotta Say
Kennedy, Elle - One Night of Scandal
Kennedy, Elle - One Night of Sin
Kennedy, Elle - One Night Of Trouble
Kennedy, M.L. - The Mosquito Song
Kennedy, Stacey - Bind Me
Kennedy, Stacey - Claimed
Kennedy, Stacey - Supernaturally Kissed
Kepnes, Caroline - YOU
Kincade, Parker - One Night Stand
Kincade, Parker - Shadow of Sin
Kincaid, Taryn - Frost
Kinrade, Kimberly - Forbidden Mind
Knight, Ciara - Rise From Darkness
Kyle, Celia - Scarlet


Lacey, James - Perseverance
Lai, Emma - A Spanking Good Time - Her Story
Lake, Keri - Soul Resurrected
Lane, Jessie - Big Bad Bite
Lane, Jessie - Ice (With Chelsea Camaron)
Lane, Jessie - Secret Maneuvers
Lane, Soraya - Change
Langlais, Eve - Bunny and the Bear
Langlais, Eve - C791
Langlais, Eve - Delicate Freakn' Flower
Langlais, Eve - Doe & The Wolf
Langlais, Eve - F814
Langlais, Eve - Kodiak's Claim
Leo, Rosanna - Sweet Hell
Leon, Katalina & Skyze, Amber - Claimed By Dragons
Leverich, Kelsie - The Valentine's Arrangement
Levine, Elaine - The Edge of Courage
Lignor, Amy - Until Next Time
Lin, Amber - Giving It Up
Linde, KA - Avoiding Commitment
Long, Liz - Gifted: A Donovan Circus Novel
Long, Liz - A Reaper Made
Long, Liz - Witch Hearts
Loren, Roni - Nice Girls Don't Ride
Loren, Roni - Not Until You


Maberry, Jonathan - Dead of Night
MacAlister, Katie - A Girl's Guide to Vampires (Dark Ones #1)
MacAlister, Katie - Me and My Shadow (Silver Dragons #3)
MacAlister, Katie - Playing With Fire (Silver Dragons #1)
MacAlister, Katie - Up In Smoke (Silver Dragons #2)
Mamolo, Sharon - A Lady Of The Realm
Maran, Lacy & Michael, Kevin - Twi Harder
Mardell, Russell - Silent Bombs Falling On Green Grass
Marsh, Nicola - Busted in Bollywood
Masters, Colleen - Stepbrother Billionaire
Martin, Annika - The Hostage Bargain
Martin, Annika - Prisoner (w/Skye Warren)
Mattina, Abria - Wake
Maxwell, Gina L - Rules of Entanglement
May, WJ - Dark Nebula
May, WJ - Rae of Hope
Mayfield, Olivia - The Inheritance (part 1)
Mayfield, Olivia - The Inheritance (part 2)
Mayfield, Olivia - The Inheritance (part 3& 4)
Mayne, Debby - Pretty Is As Pretty Does
McCarthy, Erin - Believe
McGuire, Jamie - Beautiful Disaster
McGuire, Jaime - Walking Disaster
McKay, Kirsty - Undead
McKenna, Cara - Lay It Down
Meade, Emma - Under The Desert Moon
Messina, Lynn - The Girls' Guide to Dating Zombies
Meyers, J - Intangible 
Meyers, Theresa - The Half Breed Vampire
McCleod, Michelle - Love Potions
Michaels, Rory - Blaze Of Glory
Mills, Emma - Witchblood
Mills, Emma - Witchcraft
Mills, Emma - WitchHunt
Mills, Emma - Witchlove
Moore, Coral - Broods of Fenrir
Morgan, Elizabeth - Cranberry Blood
Morgan, Elizabeth - On The Rocks
Morgan, Elizabeth - Razel Dazzle
Morgan, Tamara - The World Is A Stage
Mummert, Teresa - White Trash Beautiful


Oldham, Annie - The Burn
O'Malley, Maggie - Claiming Their Cat
Owens, Jenna - Taught

Paulson, Bonnie - Mostly Dead
Perez, Kathryn - Sex Unlimited
Perry, Jolene - Night Sky
Phillips, Marilyn - Mystery Falls
Pierce, Vristen - Chance On Love
Poe, KA - Twin Souls
Porter, Madelyn - Rite of Passion
Preston, LM - Purgatory Reign

Quickly, Kat - Infidelities
Quinn, Cari - No Flowers Required
Quinn, Emily - One Wicked Night

Rae, Kelly - What If...
Raines, Nona - Her Perfect Man
Raines, Nona - One Good Man
Raines, Nona - Take This Man
Raveling, Emma - Whirl (Ondine Quartet #1)
Ray, Taylor - Red Hot
Rayne, Lola - Min
Rayne, Lola - The Monster Within
Redmerski, JA - Kindred
Redmerski, JA - The Mayfair Moon
Reine, SM - Death's Hand (Descent #1)
Rich, Christie - Five
Richard, SV - Locked
Rigel, LK - Give Me, a fairy tale
Riley, Claire C - Odium Origins
Riley, Claire C - Odium II
Riley, Claire - Odium III
Riley, Claire C & Madeline Sheehan - Thicker Than Blood
Roberts, Lisa Brown - How Not To Fall In Love
Rodgers, Lucy - Maid For Pleasure
Rodgers, SB - Guardian
Roecker, Lisa & Laura - This Is W.A.R.
Rose, Imogen - Initiation
Rose, Imogen - Integration
Rossi, Elle J - Broken Flight
Roth, Mandy M - King Of Prey
Roth, Mandy M - Immortal Ops
Rowland, Caddy - Gastien Part 1: The Cost of the Dream
Rowland, Caddy - Gastien Part 2: From Dream to Destiny
Royal, Kay Dee - One Plus One
Royce, Rebecca - Sorority Wolf
Rush, Jaime - Darkness Becomes Her
Russell, Coral - Amador Lockdown

Salnikova, Natasha - The Voice of Waterfalls
Sanchez, Lisa - Faythe Reclaimed
Sanghani, Radhika - Virgin
Schannep, James - Infected
Scott, Angela - Survivor Roundup
Scott, Angela - Wanted: Dead or Undead
Scott, Jamie Lee - Let Us Prey
Sheehan, Madeline & Claire C Riley - Thicker Than Blood
Sherman, Beck - Revamp
Silver, Lynne - Love Technically
Simmons, Stephany - Vampire Blues
Simmons, Stephany - Voodoo Dues
Sin, Indigo - Tennesee Heat
Siwik, SL - Just Good Friends 
Skyze, Amber & Leon, Katalina - Claimed By Dragons
Sloan, Harper - Unexpected Fate
Smith, Danielle D - Demon's Slave
Somers, Sydney - Primal Attraction
Somers, Sydney - Primal Hunger
Somers, Sydney - Primal Instinct
Snyder, Jennifer - Shattered Soul
Spear, Terry - Dreaming of the Wolf
St Clare, Tielle - New Year's Kiss
Steel, GD - Jersey Daze
Stokes, Tawny & Lauren Hawkeye - The Other Brother
Stone, Juliana - Wicked Road To Hell
Stork, Miranda - Conner
Stork, Miranda - Erin
Stowe, Miranda - Mates Since Birth
Summers, Courtney - All The Rage
Summers, Courtney - This Is Not A Test
Summers, Eden - Concealed Desire
Sweetapple, Amber - Jack and Djinn

Taiden, Milly - Geek Bearing Gifts
Taiden, Milly - Twice the Growl
Tailor, Edward - Cameron, Part One
Tailor, Edward - Cameron, Part Two
Telford, Keira Michelle - Silver: Acheron
Thomas, Kitty - Big Sky
Thomas, Kitty - Mafia Captive
Thomas, Kitty - The Last Girl
Tucker, KA - Ten Tiny Breaths


Van Dyken, Rachel - Elect
Van Dyken, Rachel - Elite
Van Dyken, Rachel - Entice
Various Authors - Public Displays of Eroticism
Various Authors - Transcendent

Walls, Annie - Controlling The Dead
Walls, Annie - Taking On The Dead
Walsh, Brighton - Caged in Winter
Warner, Christine - Bachelor's Special
Warren, Skye - Don't Let Go
Warren, Skye - Hear Me
Warren, Skye - Prisoner (w/Annika Martin)
Warren, Skye - Trust In Me
Warren, Skye - Wanderlust
Webber, Tammara - Sweet
Weston, Andrew P - Fairy Tail
White, Anna - The Light and Fallen
Willis, Ashley Lynn - Summer's Temptation
Willis, Ashley Lynn - The Calling
Winters, Zoe - The Catalyst
Winters, Zoe - Life Cycle
Wright, Kenya - Fire Baptized
Wright, Laura - Branded
Wolfe, Alex Taylor - Sweetwater Springs
Wylde, Joanna - Reaper's Legacy
Wylde, Joanna - Reaper's Stand
Wylde, Joanna - Silver Bastard


York, Robin - Deeper

Zanetti, Rebecca - Sweet Revenge
Zanetti, Rebecca - Total Surrender